Yvonne Rolzhausen

Yvonne Rolzhausen is the research chief at The Atlantic.
  • How to Fact Check The Atlantic

    Darren Staples / Reuters

    Let me walk you through my process for checking this short section of “What ISIS Really Wants,” Graeme Wood’s March 2015 feature for The Atlantic, the story with the highest engagement time in the world on the internet that year. In the piece, Graeme explores the ideology of the Islamic State, arguing that the group is rooted in carefully-considered religious beliefs.

  • Darren Staples / Reuters

    How to Fact Check The Atlantic

    “Our pieces seek to be thought-provoking and interesting, but to be truly insightful, they must be right.”

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    How to diplomatically pry into people's lives

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    Fact checking for a magazine is like taking crash courses in everything from illegal immigration to Wilt Chamberlain's sex life