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The Price of Ascending America’s Class Ladder

Being upwardly mobile can come at a cost to people’s relationships with the family, friends, and community they grew up with.

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Why Are American Homes So Big?

The U.S. is in the top tier of house sizes internationally—and it’s not just because of McMansions.

A person's hand holding a phantom phone.
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I Won’t Buy My Teenagers Smartphones

Denying a teen a smartphone in 2019 is a tough decision, and one that requires an organized and impenetrable defense.

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Everything My Husband Wasn’t There For

I raised my daughters alone after my husband died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Now they’re grown, and I’m finally coming up for air.

What Happened to Wilson?

A reporter follows a lead about a mysterious office building filled with children.

An illustration of a man looking at a woman who is falling into pieces.

Dear Therapist: I Divorced My Dying Wife Once She Was No Longer Lucid

After five years of being her caregiver, I couldn’t bear the emotional or financial costs alone any longer.

Can Facebook Fix the Dating World Tinder Created?

Before dating apps like Tinder, dates usually resulted from at least some baseline level of shared experience. Facebook wants to turn back the clock.

An illustration of two astronauts in space.

The Unique Friendship Between Astronauts

“Spaceflight makes you try to be a little bit more understanding, a little bit nicer, and try to see other points of view. Because all of humanity is right down there and you’re looking at it.”

Why It’s So Hard for Young People to Date Offline

Meet-cutes are hard when nobody wants to talk to strangers.

Immigrants wait in a humanitarian center in Texas.

What Immigration Attorneys Are Telling Their Clients Now: ‘Brace Yourselves’

Advocates fear that new Trump-administration rules will leave the public in a “world of darkness.”

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Dear Therapist: My Sister Constantly Complains, but Won’t Do Anything to Change

I want to have a good relationship with her, but I feel overwhelmed by her negativity.

Family Reunions: Not Just for Grandparents

At a time when Americans are yearning for closeness, such gatherings are popular across generations.

An 11-Year-Old Takes on a Nuclear Power Plant

Sam faces a dilemma as he comes of age in the shadow of Britain's largest power plant.

An illustration of two friends and a soccer ball.

They Met in an Elevator; Now They Travel the World Together

“Our motto is: ‘Follow soccer, see the world.’”

Toward a Universal Theory of ‘Mom Jeans’

Straight-legged, high-waisted jeans were almost casualties of reductive stereotypes about motherhood—but now they’re back.

An illustration of a boy looking at a woman with a scary shadow.

Dear Therapist: My Boyfriend’s Son Is Impossible

His 5-year-old and I used to have a positive relationship, but lately he's been nothing but rude and mean.

An illustration of a gun.

My Family’s Gun Wounds: A Tale in Three Acts

I used to find humor in the stupid mishaps that plagued my family. But I don’t laugh anymore.

An illustration of a group of men walking onto a path leading into an open book.

An Existential Reading List for Middle-Aged Men

“To be known completely and to be loved is a very profound experience. Adult males do not often have that kind of an experience.”

A protester holding a sign that reads "Where are the children?" in front of the White House.

If a Child Is Jailed and No One Is There to Hear Him Cry

New Trump-administration rules stand to block the public from knowing anything about the treatment of migrant children in America’s detention facilities.