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A row of lockers, with one open to show a backpack, textbooks, and interior decorations
Chantal Valery / AFP / Getty

What Teens Think of the Kavanaugh Accusations

“They just keep saying ‘Boys will be boys.’ But I’m in high school—I don’t want that to happen to me.”

A woman and a man sit at a table across from each other.
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A Lack of Confidence Isn't What’s Holding Back Working Women

Women are hesitant to talk up their accomplishments because they are often penalized when they do.

Rebecca Nelson / Getty

How Puberty Kills Girls’ Confidence

In their tween and teenage years, girls become dramatically less self-assured—a feeling that often lasts through adulthood.

Five people load up duffel bags and a dog onto a truck bed in a flooded street.

‘Even the Best-Run Hurricane Shelters Can Be Highly Stressful’

Thousands of North Carolina residents are still displaced after Hurricane Florence, but research suggests evacuees who stay with family or friends are less likely to develop PTSD symptoms.

The Unknowable Enigma of Babies’ Dreams

Infants spend twice as much time in REM sleep as adults—but experts still know little about what happens in their brains during those hours.

A picture of a therapist's couch

Dear Therapist: I'm Not Overweight, But My Mom Keeps Telling Me I Am

Her constant criticism makes interacting with her difficult, and I don’t know how to respond.

A little girl holds up a picture of herself that she has drawn.

Throw Your Children’s Art Away

Childhood is short-lived. It’s okay if kids’ drawings are, too. An Object Lesson.

Two adults and a small child walk across a lawn with a flooded street in New Bern, North Carolina, behind them.

Families Are Getting Better at Preparing for Hurricanes

For many parents, ensuring that the kids are out of harm’s way is only half the battle.

A man and a girl looking at the horizon as a storm approached

How Parents Can Help Shield Kids from a Hurricane’s Trauma

After a natural disaster, many children struggle to process the event. For a small number of them, the trauma can last for years.

Why Some Parents Turn Boys’ Names Into Girls’ Names

It’s a long-standing pattern—one that has feminized Ashley, Shirley, and Shannon.

The Blessing and the Curse of Being ‘Different’

A 13-year-old girl questions the social value of conformity.

The Problem With Parents and Social Media

Should parents monitor or restrict their kids’ use of technology?

A picture of a therapist's chair

Dear Therapist: My Son’s In-Laws Invite My Ex-Husband to Dinner but Not Me

It seems like they’re picking sides, and I don’t know how to respond.

I Made One Simple Financial Change and It Lowered My Spending

After reporting on personal finance, I used behavioral economics on myself.

Traumatized Children at the Border

An unflinching look at one family's experience being forcibly separated at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The French actress Rachel Flix

Victorian-Era Orgasms and the Crisis of Peer Review

A favorite anecdote about the origins of the vibrator is probably a myth.

Stay-at-Home Dads Are Reshaping American Masculinity

Abstaining from the breadwinner role offers fathers an opportunity to redefine manhood for themselves.

The silhouette of a woman against a backdrop of a children's mobile

When Giving Birth Leads to Psychosis, Then to Infanticide

Mothers suffering from postpartum psychosis sometimes hurt or kill their children, but the law isn't sure how to separate illness from intent.

The Absurdity of America’s Front Lawns

Michael Pollan exposes the strange institution of the suburban front lawn.