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Americans Are Weirdly Obsessed With Paper Towels

Other countries swear by brooms, mops, and sponges. The U.S. prefers something more disposable.

A boy stands in the middle between his parents arguing
Bianca Bagnarelli / The Atlantic

Dear Therapist: I Don’t Know How to Set Boundaries With My Parents

They say they’re trying to protect me and my brothers during the divorce process, but they’re dragging us into their problems.

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How Millennial Parents Are Reinventing the Cherished Family Photo Album

It’s never been easier for parents to take pictures of their kids. But preserving them for posterity is another matter.

How Do American Families Have Time to Watch 8 Hours of TV Every Day?

Understanding the attempts to quantify the nation’s most popular leisure activity

The Changing Norms Around Donor-Sibling Networks

As sperm donation becomes more common, some parents are now starting to introduce kids to their genetic relatives at an early age.

A picture of a large estate behind a set of gates

The Reason Many Ultrarich People Aren’t Satisfied With Their Wealth

At a certain point, another million dollars doesn’t make anything newly affordable. That’s when other motivations take over.

A picture of a broadcast television studio

It's Almost Impossible to Be a Mom in Television News

For female television reporters, the decision to have kids can be a career-ending one.

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Nothing Says Midwest Like a Well-Dressed Porch Goose

Bringing people together since the 1980s

Dear Therapist: I Don’t Know How to Deal With My Workplace Jealousy

My co-workers got a big promotion that I didn’t get, and I can’t bring myself to be happy for them.

The Controversy Over Parents Who Eat Lunch With Their Children at School

Schools claim it’s disruptive for parents to eat in the cafeteria. But parents crave the quality time, and some say it’s a good thing for them to be involved with their kids’ place of learning.

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The Over-celebration of Life Events

Gender reveals, post-wedding receptions, divorce parties, promposals—young Americans now have more and more public festivities for milestones that used to be privately celebrated.

Dads Prefer Sons, Moms Prefer Daughters

And other trends in parents’ hopes for the sex of their children

The ‘Satanic Evil’ of Child Sex Abuse in the Catholic Church

The Church is not only failing its children—it’s also alienating its mothers.

The ‘Male Wish’ That Traps Young Women

A 1959 Atlantic article tried to understand how increased opportunity for women could change the female experience of sex and romance.

Women in maid uniforms smile at the camera while pushing mops.

The Concept Creep of ‘Emotional Labor’

The term has become a central part of an important conversation about the division of household work. But the sociologist who coined it says it’s being used incorrectly.

Dear Therapist: I Can’t Let Go of How Badly My Family Treated Me When My Mom Was Sick

I want to confront my aunts, but the time is never right.

The Changing Ways Parents React to Their Kids Coming Out of the Closet

A conversation with the sociologist Mary Robertson on how some queer youth are pleasantly surprised with the lack of family drama the news causes.

A pair of Hatchibabies toys are displayed alongside their many accessories.

Why Kids Like ‘Parenting’ Their Toys

The enduring appeal of toys that need to be fed, changed, and rocked like human babies may be rooted in children’s desire to act like grown-ups.

Helping My Fair-Skinned Son Embrace His Blackness

He identifies as African American, but it’s a constant struggle to get his peers and teachers to see him that way.