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A scoop of vanilla ice cream rests on a spoon.
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Americans Have Some Pretty Vanilla Sexual Fantasies

A new book on the science of sexual desire finds Americans are surprisingly romantic and loyal to their partners when they fantasize about sex.

A photo illustration of a therapist's couch

Dear Therapist: I Care About My Friend More Than She Does About Me

I thought we were wedding-invitation close. She, apparently, did not.

‘My Past Has Caught Up to Me’

All his life, Justin managed to escape his own story—until now.

Daniel Tiger makes noisemakers with Katerina Kittycat

The Daniel Tiger Doctrine

The creator of the beloved kids’ show Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood talks about what makes great children’s TV—and reveals a significant plot development in the upcoming season.

The Downsides of America’s Hyper-Competitive Youth-Soccer Industry

The sport’s top tier is organized around the goal of producing a tiny group of elite players, at the expense of kids’—and parents’—well-being.

How to Raise a Generous Child

Can parents effectively encourage children to share?

A family sits in a white convertible

The Rise and Fall of the Family-Vacation Road Trip

Richard Ratay, the author of Don’t Make Me Pull Over!: An Informal History of the Family Road Trip, discusses the factors that turned road trips from an individual adventurer’s pursuit into a family activity—and those that led to their decline.

A silhouette of a person checking their phone

Why It’s Hard to Protect Domestic-Violence Survivors Online

Restraining orders have evolved to prohibit digital communication, but what happens when they fail?

A photo illustration of a therapist's couch

Dear Therapist: My Brother’s Behavior Sickens Me. Should I Cut Him Off?

I can’t tolerate his attitude toward my mom, so I’m considering not talking to him anymore.

The Loaded Language Shaping the Trans Conversation

To focus on “desisters”—people who experience gender dysphoria and then ultimately decide not to transition—is to focus on the rarest of cases, and to ignore the vastly more common experience of trans teens: that of being second-guessed.

A baby is seen underwater from the chin down, held in the hands of an adult.

The Overlooked Emotions of Sperm Donation

"My hope is that people think about how this is more than a transaction," says one family therapist.

A photo illustration of a therapist's couch

Dear Therapist: How Do I Stop My Wife From Leaving Me?

I love her, but her criticism just pushes me away.

A silhouetted man walking in a park

My Parents Still Struggle to Know Me After I Transitioned Late

The relationship between parent and child will break down if some possibilities of who a child may grow up to be remain unspeakable.

Why Women’s Friendships Are So Complicated

Women place a premium on knowing the details of their loved ones’ lives, which can make their relationships as fraught as they are gratifying.

The Four Rules for Setting Limits

In order to effectively discipline children, parents must include their kids in the process.

A photo illustration of a therapist's couch

Dear Therapist: I Don’t Know How to Help My Angry, Unmotivated, Adult Son

My 26-year-old son has been through a lot. Is it possible to support him emotionally and financially while nudging him toward independence?

An American flag waving in front of the Supreme Court

How the Supreme Court Used 'Protecting Families' to Justify the Travel Ban

And how the Court's dissenters used the exact same reason to draw the opposite conclusion.

The Many Possible Meanings of the ‘Masculinity Crisis’

A lot of people contend that American men are in crisis. But which men? And what is the nature of that crisis?

When ‘Love What You Do’ Pushes Women to Quit

For women juggling work and family life, money is a more powerful argument than passion for staying in the workforce.