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A photo illustration of a therapist's couch
The Atlantic

Dear Therapist: Should I Contact My Birth Mom?

I feel an urge to get in touch, but I’m worried my adoptive parents will be hurt.

A child on the floor looking at a smartphone
Sergio G. Cañizares / Getty

The Bargain at the Heart of the Kid Internet

A proliferation of free, entertaining online content often leads parents, kids, and tech companies to overlook—or worse, disregard—data-privacy laws.

Are Helicopter Parents Ruining a Generation?

“We will have among us a young adult population that doesn't know how to ‘hashtag adult.’”

Dear Therapist: My Fiancé Is a Slacker Around the House

Should I be worried about how much responsibility he’ll take on as a dad?

A parent and child watching TV

The Never-Ending Task of Shielding Black Kids From Negative Stereotypes

Many black parents vigilantly curate the books, movies, and toys their children are exposed to—with mixed success.

An illustration of a child opening a globe with smoke coming out, while an adult gathers it in her arms

How I Talk to My Daughter About Climate Change

As a reporter covering the environment, I'm all too aware of what the next 50 years could hold. As a 9-year-old, she's not—and for now, she wants to stay that way.

Dear Therapist: Will I Ever Get Over My Wife's Death?

We were married for 47 years, and I can’t picture life without her.

Two children on bikes

'Free-Range' Parenting's Unfair Double Standard

When poorer mothers and fathers let their children play unsupervised, they come under suspicion.

A pile of dirty dishes in a sink

Doing Dishes Is the Worst

This is now an empirically proven fact. Dishwashing causes more relationship distress than any other household task.  

An antique Jewish wedding ring

'I Married a Jew,' 80 Years Later

An Atlantic essay published in 1939 found its modern counterpart in a much-criticized Washington Post piece published in 2018.

A photo illustration of Martin Luther King

Is King All That We Are Allowed to Become?

Americans both black and white often use the civil-rights leader’s memory more to chide black youth than to inspire them.

Children play football.

The Family Weekly

Highlights from this week’s coverage on relationships and family life

Two children playing on a bed

Mormons’ Weekly Family Ritual Is an Antidote to Fast-Paced Living

Family home evening—regular time set aside for praying and playing—has taken on new relevance a century after it was conceived.

Emma González speaks at the March For Our Lives.

Today's Rebels Are Model Children

The young protesters now on the march are responsible and mature—and they’re asking adults to grow up.

Dear Therapist: My Son Has an Impractical, Ridiculous Career Plan

He wants to be a stand-up comedian. I don’t want him living in my basement at age 35.

A man wearing a "March for Our Lives" pin, surrounded by a crowd in front of the National Gallery of Art

A Grandpa's-Eye View of the March for Our Lives

He hadn't been to a demonstration since the early '60s, but the energy of the post-Parkland movement drove him to go.

The Family Weekly: Welcome to The Atlantic's Family Section

Highlights from this week’s coverage on relationships and family life

Hands holding candles

The Forever Aftermath of a Mass Shooting

Americans affected by gun violence talk about trauma, grieving, and intermittent hope.

A view from behind of Christine Leinonen speaking at a podium, with Juan Arriagada and Brandon Wolf holding her shoulders

Our Lives Since the 2016 Pulse Shooting: Christine Leinonen's and Brandon Wolf's Stories

“My heart died when Christopher died.”