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An illustration of a child with a hand imprint on his face.

Dear Therapist: My Fiancé Believes Spanking Is Good Parenting

His parents spanked him as a child, and he insists the punishment has shaped him positively.

A man and a woman carrying a box together.
Martin Barraud / Getty

What I Learned About Equal Partnership By Studying Dual-Income Couples

I studied over 100 dual-income couples and found that the ones who managed to create partnerships that felt truly equal had a few things in common.

A dirty, empty dinner plate
Paul Taylor / Getty

How America Lost Dinner

People want to cook and eat together. Modern life has other plans.

A collage of family photos showing little girls growing up

‘Satellite Babies’ Are Raised Abroad, Then Return to the U.S.—And Their Parents

With child care hard to come by, some immigrant parents send their newborns to East Asia to live with relatives.

Sandra Boynton’s Captivating Universe

Her picture books have sold 75 million copies in the past four decades. What’s the secret to her far-reaching appeal?

An illustration of a man sitting in a church at a funeral, looking back at three figures entering.

Dear Therapist: My Dying Wife Has a Challenging Request for Her Funeral

She doesn’t want her estranged family to attend. I want to respect her wishes, but am not sure the excluded family members will.

A participant in the Paris gay pride parade holds up a placard which reads "PMA (Fertility treatment) for all."

Why IVF Has Divided France

The country is forever caught between tradition and innovation, universalism and individual rights.

What Jane Austen Thought Marriage Couldn’t Do

She wrote her six novels as the institution was undergoing a tectonic shift—to being less about social and financial networks and more about love.

Facebook's "Like" icon surrounded by pink hearts and a pink lipstick mark.

What Is Facebook Dating For?

An app that matches people based on their offline lives is a great idea—but 2019 is a strange time to have it.

A cake frosted in two colors: one half blue, the other half pink

What to Expect When You’re Expecting Gender-Reveal Backlash

The psychology behind a controversial trend

How a Kids’-News Outlet Is Explaining Impeachment

When explosive political allegations arise, Time for Kids is there to translate them for young audiences.

The Intimacy of Cat Photography

A professional cat portraitist reveals the secrets to his delicate craft.

An illustration of two parents watching their daughter walk across a tightrope.

Dear Therapist: I Don’t Approve of My Daughter’s Boyfriend

If she stays with her current partner, I’m worried that she’ll end up alone, childless, and unhappy.

A World-Famous Pastry Chef's Heartbreaking Regret

Milton Abel II reflects on the event that led to his decision to leave the upper echelon of the restaurant world.

Some Men Share Their Secrets Only in Therapy

And they would probably benefit from confiding in more people.

A pile of laundry in front of a washing machine

My Husband Paid Me to Do Housework

We wanted to address a systemic, gendered imbalance. It didn’t really work.

Why the Myth of Period Syncing Won’t Go Away

For decades, researchers have been poking holes in the study that introduced the concept of “menstrual synchrony.” Many people believe in it anyway.

An illustration of two women cleaning a mirror.

I Used to Clean Houses. Then I Hired a Maid.

I know how grueling the job can be, and I swore I’d never ask someone to do it for me. But then I found myself in need of help.

Kid Chess Champions Share Their Secrets

Meet pint-size future grand masters at the 2019 Elementary Chess Championships.