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An illustration of an anonymous child highlighted in red in a crowd of other young students
Niv Bavarsky

The Futility of Trying to Prevent More School Shootings in America

As long as there is easy access to guns, there’s no way parents, teachers, and other specialists can thwart every violent teenager.

A photo illustration of two young women embracing against a background of DNA strands
Courtney McKinney / Watchara / Shutterstock / Katie Martin / The Atlantic

Finding the Lost Generation of Sperm Donors

Tens of thousands of donor-conceived children grew up thinking they'd never know their biological fathers. Now, they have a chance to.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle smiling at each other
Toby Melville / Reuters / The Atlantic

The Enduring Appeal of the Fairy-Tale Wedding

Even in this modern age, many brides still just want to feel like princesses.

The Rise of Older Mothers

Everyone is having fewer babies in the U.S.—except women in their 40s.

A woman and her daughter on the front steps of their home

The Radical Self-Reliance of Black Homeschooling

Some black parents see teaching their own children as a way of protecting them from the racial disparities of the American education system.

The Curse of an Open Floor Plan

A flowing, connected interior—once a fringe experiment of American architectural modernism—has become ubiquitous, and beloved. But it promises a liberation from housework that remains a fantasy.

A photo illustration of a therapist's couch

Dear Therapist: My Adult Daughter Thinks I Was an Awful Parent

She’s 32, and she blames me for her unhappiness.

When Mother's Day Means a Trip to Prison

Through an annual bus ride, a short documentary reveals the emotional impact of mass incarceration on children.

The Decline of American Motherhood

The share of the U.S. population who are moms is the smallest it’s been in a quarter century.

Sheila Heti and Michael Chabon

The Art of Parenthood

New books by Sheila Heti and Michael Chabon explore the claims of family-making, and of writing.

The Ecstatic Empathy of Motherhood

A cinematic ode to the changes that new parenthood brings.

Older Moms Are an Elite Club

Having kids after 40 can ease some pressures of parenting—but only for women who can afford to wait.

A baby lying on a blanket.

The Baby-Name Trend That Unites America

In the past decade, new parents have fallen for vowels.

Why You Should Argue in Front of Your Kids

Modeling respectful conflict can foster creativity in children.

A suit and dress hanging on a barn wall next to hay bales

Why Is Everybody Getting Married in a Barn?

Yes, there will be mason jars.

The Kids’ Guide to the Postwar World

Half a century ago, a Czech illustrator’s vivid travel books helped open young minds to the rest of the planet.

Dear Therapist: I'm Scared of Having Kids

I feel a rush of longing when I see a cute baby, but I can’t tell if I’m ready to have one of my own.

An illustration of sitting women obscured by brushstrokes

My Fears, My Daughters, and #MeToo

The movement has unfolded in public. What about the conversations closer to home?

President Donald Trump and Melania Trump kissing on the cheek

The Gender Trap of Being First Lady

Unelected and unpaid, first ladies often struggle to develop their own policy goals. But even so, the case of Melania Trump stands out.