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A close-up of a man carrying an Uber-branded binder
Jeenah Moon / Reuters

Why Silicon Valley Loved Uber More Than Everyone Else

Uber was the most valuable private company in history, but the public market has not been as enthusiastic. The reason explains a lot about how the tech industry works.

Two yellow air fresheners hang from a car mirror

Uber’s Drivers and Riders Are Locked in a Pine-Scented Battle

Many passengers can’t stand air fresheners. Drivers say they’re just trying to provide a pleasant ride.

Rows of colorful cosmetics bottles
Junki / Getty

There Is Too Much Stuff

The human brain can’t contend with the vastness of online shopping.

Tfue / Youtube

A New Lawsuit Could Transform How the Influencer Industry Is Regulated

The plaintiff’s lawyer says that “the time is now for content creators, gamers and streamers to stop being taken advantage of through oppressive, unfair and illegal agreements.”