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    J. Scott Applewhite / AP

    The Big Blue Losers in the GOP Tax Plans

    The House and Senate bills punish Democratic constituencies, from college students to homeowners in big-city markets.

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  • USA Today Sports / Reuters

    Donald Trump’s Eternal Feud With Blackness

    In a presidency defined by its unpredictability, one of the few constants is the president’s eagerness to attack black people for failing to show deference.

  • Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

    The Damage to Children's Health Insurance Is Already Being Done

    Congressional dithering has left an effective, popular program for low-income kids teetering on the brink, despite bipartisan support for its renewal.

  • Carlos Barria / Reuters

    Go Ahead, Talk Politics at Thanksgiving

    Six in 10 Americans say they dread the topic coming up, but better to embrace the challenge than try to stave off the inevitable.

  • Newsletter
    Brian Snyder / Reuters

    The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Talking Turkey

    On Thanksgiving Eve, President Trump blasted LaVar Ball in a series of tweets, calling him an “ungrateful fool.”

  • Congress
    Brian Snyder / Reuters

    Women Exit the Party of Trump

    After laboring for years to close the gender gap, GOP strategists are suddenly facing a gender chasm.

  • A Veteran's View
    Jacob Myrick

    The Inconvenience of Being a Woman Veteran

    When leaving the service, women are often faced with a slew of challenges as they try to assimilate into civilian life.

  • Carlos Barria / Reuters

    Why Trump Is Siding With Roy Moore

    The president broke his silence on the Alabama U.S. Senate race, lending credence to the Republican’s denial of sexual-misconduct claims.

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  • Politics Daily
    Jacquelyn Martin / AP

    The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: You're Pardoned

    President Trump pardoned a pair of turkeys as part of the annual Thanksgiving tradition.

  • Jim Bourg / Reuters

    Trump Extends a Presidential Pardon for Fowl Behavior

    The most remarkable thing about the traditional turkey pardon was how smoothly it went.

  • Criminal Justice
    Carlos Barria / Reuters

    Now It's Liberal States Clashing With the Federal Government Over Religious Freedom

    California, Pennsylvania, and others have sued over new policies on contraceptive coverage.

  • Alex Brandon / AP

    The Dam of Congressional Sexual-Harassment Claims Cracks Open

    A report says Representative John Conyers settled a complaint in 2015, and his case is unlikely to be the last.

  • Carlos Barria / Reuters

    Why Democrats Must Regain the Trust of Religious Voters

    If the party wants to win back votes in the Trump era, it will need to stop ignoring people of faith.

  • Chris Kindred / The Atlantic

    The Nationalist's Delusion

    Trump’s supporters backed a time-honored American political tradition, disavowing racism while promising to enact a broad agenda of discrimination.

  • Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

    Bannon's Senate Insurgency Hits a Stumbling Block in Utah

    The Breitbart chair’s effort to recruit populist challengers hits a snag, as the most plausible such candidate for Orrin Hatch’s seat bows out of the race.

  • Politics Daily
    Alex Brandon / AP

    The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: The Audacity of 'Dope'

    National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster reportedly mocked President Trump’s intelligence at a private dinner.

  • Larry Downing / Reuters

    Why Is Ty Cobb So Optimistic About the Mueller Probe?

    President Trump’s lawyer thinks the special counsel will conclude his work shortly after Thanksgiving and clear the president.

  • Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

    Trump's Odd Feud With LaVar Ball

    In demanding fulsome personal praise for helping get three UCLA basketball players out of jail, the president again conflates his personal role and his duties as president.

  • Aaron P. Bernstein / Reuters

    Republicans Are Throwing Away Their Shot at Tax Reform

    There’s a manifest need to lower corporate tax rates—but instead of building consensus, the GOP is pursuing a bill that’s likely to be rolled back even if it passes.

  • Brynn Anderson / AP

    Will the Senate Expel Roy Moore If He's Elected?

    Despite threats from GOP lawmakers, the likelihood of them taking action remains low.

  • Screenshot from CNN

    Jake Tapper Would Prefer Not To Be So Agitated

    The CNN correspondent on journalism, hypocrisy, how a Twitter fave can ruin his morning, and why he has a poster of George Wallace hanging in his office