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  • Congress
    Reuters Staff

    The Pontiff Versus the Mogul

    President Trump prepares to meet Pope Francis as his recently released budget shows just how different his philosophy is from the one that drives the leader of the world’s Catholics.

  • Most Popular on The Atlantic
  • Evan Vucci / AP

    Outflanking General Flynn

    The Senate Intelligence Committee said Tuesday it would subpoena the former national security adviser’s businesses for Russia-related documents, potentially bypassing the Fifth Amendment.

  • The Presence of Justice
    Yuri Gripas / Reuters

    What Trump’s Ideal Justice Department Would Look Like

    The president’s budget proposal calls for the hiring of more prosecutors, more immigration judges, and more federal marshals.

  • Health
    Andrew Harnik / AP

    How Trump's Budget Would Weaken Public Health

    The president’s proposed spending plan would make the country more vulnerable to health emergencies.

  • Newsletter
    Andrew Harnik / AP

    The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Trump's Wish List

    The White House released Trump’s budget proposal, which includes significant domestic-spending cuts.

  • Executive
    Yuri Gripas / Reuters

    The Questions About Obstruction Now Spread to White House Staff

    Reports that presidential aides asked senior intelligence officials to help shut down the FBI investigation put those staffers in legal jeopardy.

  • Mike Segar / Reuters

    It’s Too Late for Fox to Retract Its Seth Rich Story

    The story was notably loud. Its retraction is notably quiet.

  • Alex Brandon / AP

    Sessions's Climbdown on Sanctuary Cities

    The administration backed away from its aggressive January order punishing jurisdictions that limit collaboration between local law enforcement and federal immigration agents.

  • Writers
  • Evan Vucci / AP

    What Progressives Miss About Arms Sales

    Celebrating their success in retaining blue-collar jobs is one way Republicans are winning the votes of working-class Americans.

  • The Trump Administration: The First 100 Days
    Jeff Gentner / AP

    The 18 Independent Agencies Trump Wants to Eliminate

    The president’s budget suggests entirely eliminating these bodies, from the Appalachian Regional Commission to the National Endowment for the Arts.

  • Robert F. Bukaty / AP

    Trump's Cuts to SNAP and Social Security Would Hit the Rust Belt Hard

    The president’s full budget includes reductions in income-support programs that core Republican voters rely on—more so than other groups do.

  • Reuters

    'Terrorism Is Aimed at the People Watching'

    Tabloid-style coverage of mass murder helps those intent on using violence to stoke fear.

  • Congress
    Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP

    The 25th Amendment Makes Presidential Disability a Political Question

    Nothing in the text or history of the amendment is stopping the vice president, Cabinet, and Congress from determining that the president is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”

  • William J. Smith / AP

    Why U.S. Presidents Stopped Secretly Taping Their Conversations

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, and others in between generated thousands of hours of audio from meetings and telephone calls. Is Donald Trump reviving that practice?

  • Congress
    Joshua Roberts / Reuters

    The Mick Mulvaney Budget Hits the Hill

    It may be Trump’s proposal, but his first fiscal blueprint reflects the vision of the House Freedom Caucus co-founder, and the president has left the sales job to him.

  • Jonathan Bachman / Reuters

    'We Can't Walk Away From This Truth'

    New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu explains to his city why four monuments commemorating the Lost Cause and the Confederacy had to come down.

  • Atef Safadi / Reuters

    Trump's 'Inappropriate' Request to Intelligence Chiefs

    The president reportedly attempted to enlist the head of the NSA and director of national intelligence to defend against the Russia inquiry.

  • Joshua Roberts / Reuters

    Why New Evidence Suggests Big Trouble Ahead for Michael Flynn

    The top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee says Flynn misinformed the Defense Department last year about foreign payments he received from a state-run Russian TV channel.

  • Politics Daily
    Ariel Schalit / AP

    The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Give Peach a Chance

    In a press release, the White House mistakenly wrote that one of President Trump’s goals for his trip abroad was to “promote the possibility of lasting peach.”

  • Carolyn Kaster / AP

    Michael Flynn Invokes the Fifth

    President Trump’s former national security adviser won’t comply with the Intelligence Committee’s demand for Russia-related documents, his lawyers said Monday.

  • The Presence of Justice
    Brendan Smialowski /Getty Images

    The Federal Prosecutors Backing Jeff Sessions on Mandatory Minimums

    The National Association of Assistant United States Attorneys lobbied against the last major push for criminal-justice reform in Congress. Now their former president is working in the Justice Department.