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  • Paul Sancya / AP

    Gretchen Whitmer: ‘There’s Going to Be a Horrible Cost’

    Michigan’s governor joins The Ticket to discuss her state’s coronavirus response and her relationship with President Donald Trump.

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    The Coronavirus Killed the Policy Primary

    The coronavirus has forced the Democrats to change how they talk about policy.

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    An Unhealthy Military Is Struggling to Fight COVID-19

    Even as it’s called upon to aid the coronavirus response across the country, the military is struggling to contain the disease among its own personnel.

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    Americans With Disabilities Are Terrified

    They fear they could be denied lifesaving treatment if they end up in the hospital with COVID-19.

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    The Atlantic Politics Daily: Many Chinese Americans Saw This Coming

    Their loved ones in China just endured the pandemic’s isolation, overwhelmed hospitals, and deaths. Plus: An unhealthy military, struggling to fight COVID-19.

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    How to Cut Your Own Hair

    After years of practice, it’s a skill I’ll never let go of.

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    Face Masks Are In

    The West has long stigmatized mask-wearing, unlike many Asian countries, where those who don’t wear masks during public-health crises are the ones who are stigmatized.

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    Big Cities Won’t Snap Back to Normal

    And as long as they’re closed for business, the economy will remain stalled too.

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  • The Atlantic

    The Coronavirus’s Unique Threat to the South

    More young people in the South seem to be dying from COVID-19. Why?

  • Politics Daily

    The Atlantic Politics Daily: There Goes the Economy

    Almost 10 million Americans have already filed for unemployment benefits. It didn’t have to be this way, Derek Thompson argues. Plus: COVID-19’s unique threat to the South.

  • Katie Martin / The Atlantic

    The Interminable Body Count

    We may never know how many people the coronavirus kills: “It sounds like it could be totally obvious—just count body bags. It’s not obvious at all.”

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    The Other Way the Coronavirus Will Ravage Our Cities

    After the rush for ventilators and protective equipment, local governments need to worry about insolvency.

  • Politics Daily

    The Atlantic Politics Daily: The Other Way American Cities Will Suffer

    What happens is local governments go bankrupt during the pandemic? Plus: How the new coronavirus behaves in air (the answer is very complicated).

  • Patrick Semansky / AP

    What Will Happen When Red States Need Help?

    President Trump’s targets have been Democratic leaders. But the outbreak isn’t going to stay confined to Democratic states.

  • Politics Daily

    The Atlantic Politics Daily: When COVID-19 Comes to Trump Country

    When the coronavirus pandemic comes to Trump country, politicization can only last so long. Plus: What’s the deal with Oscar Health and COVID-19 testing?

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    Exclusive: Kushner Firm Built the Coronavirus Website Trump Promised

    The extent of Oscar Health’s work on coronavirus testing hasn’t been previously reported.

  • Ina Jang

    The Social-Distancing Culture War Has Begun

    Across the country, social distancing is morphing from a public-health to political act. The consequences could be disastrous.

  • Politics Daily

    The Atlantic Politics Daily: The Social-Distancing Culture War

    There once was a time at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic when social distancing wasn't a polarized along party lines. That’s changing

  • Edmon de Haro

    Even Dead Bodies Pose Risks

    Undertakers are scrambling to adapt to the complexities of COVID-19.

  • Mike Segar / Reuters

    The Ticket: Risking Exposure in Congress

    Representative Grace Meng of New York shares the view from the floor of Congress—and from the epicenter of the pandemic.

  • Kevin Frayer / Getty Images

    The Problem With China’s Victory Lap

    The Chinese Communist Party is trying to present itself as a global leader in pandemic response. If it declares success too early, it may lead the world back into disaster.