The Future of the American Idea


  • Sebastian Scheiner / AP

    Two Jews Walk Into a Presidential Primary

    In which Mike Bloomberg quotes Leviticus in Miami and Bernie Sanders lights a menorah with a blowtorch

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  • Erin Scott / Reuters

    Hillary Clinton: Mark Zuckerberg Has ‘Authoritarian’ Views on Misinformation

    Facebook has traded moral accountability for commercial gain, the former secretary of state tells The Atlantic. Clinton says Zuckerberg’s  reasoning is “Trumpian.”

  • Jack Gruber / Getty

    Obama’s 2016 Warning: Trump Is a ‘Fascist’

    The newly revealed comment is one of the former president’s strongest known critiques of his successor.

  • Joshua Roberts / Reuters

    What Chicago’s Mayor Really Thinks About the Democratic Field

    “I’m challenging our presidential candidates to think about who we are as a party, what our core values are.”

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    The Atlantic Politics Daily: Will Iowa Always Get to Go First?

    Why the two early states could be on the cusp of losing their privileged positions. Plus: About that Joe Rogan endorsement.

  • SAUL LOEB / Joe Raedle / Getty / ...

    Error and Trial

    What’s it like to go from serious presidential candidate to just another of 100 senators?

  • Bettmann / Getty

    America Has Come Full Circle in the Middle East

    “We are opening a Pandora’s Box,” Dwight Eisenhower warned when he ordered the first U.S. combat mission in the region. Little did he know how right he would be.

  • Brian Snyder / Reuters

    Deval Patrick’s Righteous Anger

    The former Massachusetts governor is practicing the kind of politics many voters say they want. How come it’s not working?

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  • Charlie Neibergall / AP

    A Reckoning Over Iowa

    The privileged status of the early-voting states could come under threat if they elevate a candidate next month who ultimately loses to Donald Trump.

  • Fabrice Coffrini / AFP / Getty

    Donald Trump Has One Problem

    False statements and West Wing disorder are not only inseparably linked; they’re mutually reinforcing.

  • Politics Daily

    The Atlantic Politics Daily: Trump’s Favorite Impeachment Defenses

    All the president’s talking points. Plus: Is a Senate impeachment trial that’s called no witnesses unconstitutional?

  • Erin Schaff / AP

    Who Plays by the Rules?

    Senators Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer provide a revealing look at today’s rubber-and-glue politics.

  • Congress
    Tom Brenner / Reuters

    The Solemn Absurdity of Trump’s Impeachment Trial

    As senators embarked on their first day of proceedings, the occasional yawn and rubbing of the eyes emphasized the pointlessness of the whole affair.

  • Politics Daily

    The Atlantic Politics Daily: The Trial Mitch McConnell Doesn’t Want

    A “Potemkin trial,” a “rushed trial,” a “fair trial.” Plus: How the political “hobbyism” of the college-educated is ruining American politics.

  • Charlie Neibergall / AP

    John Delaney Is Still Running. Why?

    The first Democrat to declare his 2020 presidential candidacy remains in the race. Almost nobody knows that.

  • Julio Cortez / AP

    Does Chuck Schumer Have an AOC Problem?

    Amid talk of a primary challenge, the Senate Democratic leader cast a surprising vote against the USMCA trade deal, bucking most of his party.

  • ROBYN BECK / Getty / nito / shutterstock ...

    Progressives Warn of a Great Deflation

    The left is more energized than ever. So what happens if Joe Biden is the nominee?

  • The Chosunilbo JNS / Imazins via Getty

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Not Impressed

    Not with Trump, not with the Green New Deal, and not with the Democrats running for president

  • Politics Daily

    The Atlantic Politics Daily: The Contractors Fighting America’s Wars

    They’re ubiquitous but largely unseen; they’re indispensable but under-acknowledged. And presidents usually ignore the thousands who have died. Plus: Andrew Yang is not a joke.

  • Patrick Baz / AFP via Getty

    The War Machine Is Run on Contracts

    America's wars wouldn’t be possible without contractors, but presidents usually ignore the thousands who have died.

  • The Presence of Justice
    David Kasnic

    Can You Cure a Domestic Abuser?

    A class developed in Duluth, Minnesota, has heavily influenced how domestic abusers are rehabilitated across the U.S. But critics question whether it works.