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  • Global
    Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

    Trump Could Be Bumbling Into a Trade War With China

    The president is right to want to punish unfair trade practices. But America First keeps translating into America alone.

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  • Congress
    Paul Morigi / AP

    Congress's 'Baby Steps' on Guns

    The omnibus spending bill includes the Fix NICS Act, more money for school safety, and a clarification on federal research. But the changes fall short of what gun-control advocates have demanded.

  • Yuri Gripas / Reuters

    Why the FBI Fires People for 'Lack of Candor'

    FBI employees are required to adhere to an ethical standard that includes an affirmative duty to offer relevant information to internal investigators.

  • Brendan McDermid / Reuters

    Trump Proves Indefensible

    John Dowd is the president’s second personal lawyer to leave the job and it’s the second major change to his legal team this week.

  • Newsletter
    Aaron P. Bernstein / Reuters

    The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Omnibust?

    Congress is expected to unveil a $1.3 trillion spending bill to keep the government funded until September, but President Trump is threatening to veto it.

  • Science
    Craig Barritt / Getty / The Atlantic

    Trump’s Pick For CDC Director Is Experienced But Controversial

    On the face of it, veteran virologist Robert Redfield seems like a good pick to lead the agency, but decades-old disputes are shadowing his appointment.

  • J. Scott Applewhite / AP

    The Problem With Biden's Fantasy About Beating Up Trump

    The former vice president’s comments about what he would have done to the current president in high school send a dangerous message, even if the point was to stand against sexual assault.

  • Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

    Trump's Embarrassing Bluster

    The president’s undisciplined public statements and threats of violence undermine America’s global standing, and degrade the office he holds.

  • Writers
  • Joshua Roberts / Reuters

    Has Trump Already Sealed the GOP's Fate in 2018?

    Party leadership is sending an unmistakable signal to voters: So long as Republicans hold the congressional majority, they will not act to meaningfully constrain, or even oversee, the president.

  • Reuters / Kevin Lamarque

    Kellyanne Conway Edges Toward Accepting the Job of Communications Director

    The counselor to the president had resisted Trump’s previous entreaties, but is now considering replacing Hope Hicks on an interim basis.

  • Leah Millis / Reuters

    The Strange Tale of Trump's Phone Call to Putin

    A case study in how a story about substance turned into to just another incident of White House infighting

  • Leah Millis / Reuters

    Trump Vents His Anger Over Border-Wall Funding

    The president is upset with congressional leaders for slow-rolling his core campaign promise, and for failing to defund sanctuary cities in their spending bill.

  • Charles Rex Arbogast / AP

    Democrats Bet on a Billionaire in Illinois

    The party nominated businessman J.B. Pritzker to go up against Governor Bruce Rauner, the Republican incumbent who barely avoided an embarrassing primary defeat on Tuesday night.

  • Technology
    Daniel Leal-Olivas / Getty

    It’s Time to Regulate the Internet

    Mark Zuckerberg might believe the world is better without privacy. He’s wrong.

  • KING
    Associated Press

    Martin Luther King Jr. Was Bailed Out by a Millionaire

    Incarcerated people today aren’t so lucky.

  • Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

    Trump's Bizarre Response to Putin's Reelection

    Sarah Sanders says the U.S. can’t “dictate” to other countries how to run themselves, but Trump has had no problems labeling governments elsewhere in the world repressive.

  • Politics Daily
    Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP

    The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Secretary of Interior Design

    During a congressional hearing, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson defended his purchase of a $31,000 dining set.

  • Henry Nicholls / Reuters

    Not Even Cambridge Analytica Believed Its Hype

    If the consulting firm’s “psychometric” modeling was really the key to winning campaigns, why would it even flirt with sketchier skullduggery?

  • Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

    What Is Donald Trump Hiding?

    A report that the president had senior White House staff sign non-disclosure agreements is the latest reminder of how much he conceals from public view.

  • Aaron Bernstein / Reuters

    Republicans Don't Want a Primary Challenge to Trump

    Contrary to the longings of NeverTrumpers, there’s no groundswell of support among the GOP rank and file for a challenger to the president.

  • Supreme Court
    Jacquelyn Martin / AP

    A Battle Over Abortion and Free Speech

    The Supreme Court is set to hear a case over California’s regulation of “crisis pregnancy centers,” which try to talk their clients out of ending their pregnancies.