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  • Aaron Bernstein / Reuters

    The Meaning of Trump's Attack on Colin Kaepernick

    In a speech Friday night, Trump urged NFL owners to fire players who protest. “Get that son of a bitch off the field right now, out. He’s fired. He’s fired!”

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  • Rich Pedroncelli / AP

    Democratic Megadonor Tom Steyer Still Isn't Ruling Out a 2020 Run

    The former hedge-fund manager is making a populist pitch, but hasn’t made a decision yet on whether to seek public office.

  • Drew Angerer / Getty Images

    The People Who Pledge Allegiance to the U.S. Constitution

    How patriotism among American immigrants is uniquely linked to the country’s founding document

  • Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

    James Comey's Rough Reception at Howard University

    The former FBI director has been at the center of controversy for months, but protestors at the historically black university on Friday focused on his history of comments about race and policing.

  • Newsletter
    Cliff Owen / AP

    The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: McCain’t Gonna Happen

    The Arizona senator announced that he could not “in good conscience” support the Graham-Cassidy health-care bill.

  • Culture
    Lucas Jackson / Reuters

    How Milo Yiannopoulos's Berkeley 'Free Speech Week' Fell Apart

    The former Breitbart editor’s attempt to schedule a provocative event on the liberal campus featuring high-profile conservative speakers didn’t work out as planned.

  • Healthcare
    Jacquelyn Martin / AP

    John McCain Saves Obamacare Once Again

    The Arizona Republican announced his opposition to the latest GOP repeal plan, all but certainly giving its critics the votes to block it.

  • Education
    Mike Theiler / Reuters

    How Campus Sexual Assault Became So Politicized

    The Trump administration has announced that it’s rescinding college-rape policies put in place by President Obama.

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    KNCA via Reuters

    The Meaning of Kim Jong Un's Rebuttal to Trump

    The Trump administration has been sleepwalking through a dream. It’s time to wake up.

  • Reuters / Andrew Kelly

    Giving the Deep State More Leeway to Kill With Drones

    President Trump is poised to compound the most grave moral failing of his predecessor by making targeted killings less safe, less legal, and less rare.

  • Executive
    Aaron Clamage / Partnership for Public Service / ...

    Honoring the Best in a Workforce 'Under Siege'

    A Treasury Department investigator and two groundbreaking engineers will receive annual awards for government service, which come at a time of peak anxiety for federal employees.

  • Health
    Alex Brandon / AP

    Graham-Cassidy and the Fog of War

    Nobody knows exactly what the latest Obamacare-replacement legislation will do. That may be the point.

  • Politics Daily
    Carlos Giusti / AP

    The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: 'It's in Very, Very, Very Perilous Shape'

    President Trump said he plans to visit Puerto Rico, after it was devastated by Hurricane Maria.

  • J. Scott Applewhite / AP

    The Paradox of an Explosive Week in the Mueller Investigation

    What feels like information overload reveals how little the public actually knows about the probe's findings.

  • Mike Segar / Reuters

    What the Waiting List for Legal Residency Actually Looks Like

    Politicians argue immigrants should just “get in line” if they want to live in the United States. But the process itself can take decades.

  • Carlo Allegri / Reuters

    Trump Has Filled, Not Drained, the Swamp

    The president has made a mockery of a promise at the core of his campaign. It is time for the #MAGA media to tell his supporters the truth.

  • Culture
    Mike Blake / Reuters

    Accountability Is for Non-Celebrities

    Sean Spicer at the Emmys? It’s the latest illustration that members of the establishment are held to different standards.

  • Pavel Golovkin / AP

    How Much Do Tax Cuts Really Matter?

    The economic records of former presidents hold a lesson for Donald Trump.

  • Congress
    Jose Luis Magana / AP

    How Democrats Gave the GOP One More Chance to Repeal Obamacare

    Their debt-ceiling deal with President Trump cleared up a busy congressional calendar and may have removed a big hurdle for Republicans facing a September 30 deadline.

  • Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

    A Trump Nominee's Illegal Vote Exposes the Voter-Fraud Charade

    Jeffrey Gerrish’s decision to cast a ballot in Virginia isn’t so much a gotcha on him as it is on the president’s voter-fraud commission.

  • Politics Daily
    Evan Vucci / AP

    The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Deal or No Deal

    President Trump told reporters he has made a decision on whether to abandon the Iran deal, but refused to comment further.