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The Future of the American Idea


  • Trump and Elite Schools: A Harvard Athlete Weighs In

    A week ago I quoted an unnamed “reader in New Haven,” who offered thoughts about “The Future of…

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  • Gregory Reid

    The Hardest Job in the World

    What if the problem isn’t the president—it’s the presidency?

  • Richard Carson / Reuters

    Randa Jarrar, Moral Grandstanding, and Forbearance

    Fixating on offensive speech amplifies its harms—often, the best course is simply to ignore it.

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    AP Photo

    The Party of Ike

    Eisenhower—embodying prudence, diligence, and broad-mindedness—offers conservatives in the age of Trump a different model of leadership.

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    The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Blunt Talk

    In a statement, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer announced plans to introduce legislation to decriminalize marijuana on the federal level, saying his thinking on the issue “has evolved.”

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    Remo Casilli / Reuters

    A Cassandra Cry Against Pope Francis

    Ross Douthat's views on the pope are intensely unpopular. But has he identified a fundamental tension in the Church?

  • Mark Makela / Getty

    When Calling the Police Is a Privilege

    Getting the authorities involved is more dangerous for black Americans—which is why they do it less.

  • Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP

    Bad News for President Trump

    The Comey memos are more revealing than they seem.

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    Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP

    The Comey Memos Won't Derail the Mueller Probe

    The release of the documents seems unlikely to harm the current stage of the investigation, but if Congress keeps tipping the special counsel’s hand, that could change.

  • What Comey Did Wrong

    As mentioned last week, I’m nostalgically trying to piece together some elements of the olden-days blogging culture in the current…

  • Eric Thayer / Reuters

    The Rift Between McCabe and Comey Could Help Trump

    Both former top FBI officials are potential witnesses in the obstruction probe focusing on the president—and each is now attacking the other's credibility.

  • The Presence of Justice
    Sean Rayford / AP

    Is Rural America Getting Tired of Tough-on-Crime Policies?

    Across political, racial, and geographic lines, more Americans seem ready to move past the age of mass incarceration.

  • Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

    White Evangelicals Can't Quit Donald Trump

    New polling finds that their support for the president remains strikingly high. But are they mortgaging the future of the faith?

  • Susan Walsh / AP

    Trump’s Attacks on Comey Collide With Reality

    The president’s allies were looking for vindication—but were led astray by their reliance on a closed information system.

  • Lucas Jackson / Reuters

    Four Things the Comey Memos Reveal

    From Putin to Flynn, the highlights of the former FBI director’s conversations with President Trump

  • Jim Bourg / Reuters

    The Skillful Foreshadowing of Neil Gorsuch

    The newest Supreme Court justice issued two high-profile opinions that are different in tone but say a great deal about his worldview.

  • Bryan Woolston / Reuters

    Rudy Giuliani Isn't the Big Trump Legal Story

    The former New York mayor is the splashy hire, but the addition of two other attorneys to the president’s team may say more about where the Mueller probe is going.

  • Jacquelyn Martin / AP

    Will Andrew McCabe Be Prosecuted?

    Former Justice Department attorneys said a criminal referral for the former FBI deputy director and frequent target of President Trump was expected, given the contents of a recent Inspector General’s report.

  • Politics Daily
    J. Scott Applewhite / AP

    The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Baby Steps

    Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth, the first sitting senator to give birth while in office, brought her newborn baby to the floor to cast her “no” vote.

  • The Future of Elite Schools, Continued

    Last week I quoted a long dispatch from a Harvard graduate now living in New Haven, on why he thought…

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    Steve Helber / AP / Katie Martin / ...

    The 2018 Congressional Retirement Tracker

    The Senate’s confirmation of Oklahoma Representative Jim Bridenstine to serve as NASA administrator creates another open seat for Republicans to defend in November. Here's a running list of all the lawmakers calling it quits.