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    Andrew Harnik / AP

    Does Socialism Need Bernie?

    Democratic socialists across the country disagree on their 2020 strategy.

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  • The Presence of Justice

    A Prison Lifer Comes Home

    Imprisoned for decades for a crime he committed as a juvenile, “Red Dog” Fennell was released as an old man into a baffling world.

  • Anushree Fadnavis / Reuters

    The U.S. Is About to Do Something Big on Hong Kong

    Protests there have demonstrated the enduring appeal of American values and power. But can Washington live up to that promise?

  • Eric Gay / AP

    ‘How Are You Going to Pass That?’ Befuddled Democrats at the Debate

    The candidates onstage heard a version of that big question over and over again.

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    The Atlantic Politics Daily: Eat Meat, Not Too Much, Mostly Plants

    Is eating meat following plastic straws onto the front lines of the country’s various culture wars? Plus: The question Elizabeth Warren didn’t want to answer.

  • Win McNamee / Getty

    Beto O’Rourke’s Attempt to Shift the Overton Window on Guns

    How Beto O’Rourke, a firmly second-tier candidate in the 2020 race, may move the Democratic conversation on guns after tonight’s debate in Houston

  • Gretchen Ertl / Reuters

    The Question Elizabeth Warren Doesn’t Want to Answer

    The senator from Massachusetts’s artful dodge on middle-class taxes reflects an age-old wariness in the Democratic Party.

  • Politics Daily

    The Atlantic Politics Daily: Welcome to the Electability Primary

    Are Democratic voters backing the 2020 candidate they themselves like best, or backing the candidate they think their fellow voters would support? Plus: a debate 3.0 preview

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  • Carlo Allegri / Reuters

    The Crime-Bill Debate Shows How Short Americans’ Memories Are

    In hindsight, complicated policy conversations get flattened into stark shades of right and wrong.

  • Radio Atlantic: The Heir

    McKay Coppins on which Trump sibling could succeed the president—and why it matters

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    Lai Seng Sin / Reuters

    What Malaysia Can Teach America’s Aging Leadership

    The country’s 94-year-old prime minister offers lessons for the array of 70-somethings running for the presidency.

  • Carlos Osorio / AP

    How Pundits May Be Getting Electability All Wrong

    Democrats are obsessing over which candidate is most capable of beating Trump. But how voters gauge that is far more complicated than it may seem.

  • Oliver Munday

    Has the Presidency Skipped Gen X?

    Caught between Baby Boomers and Millennials, this generation may have missed its chance.

  • The Presence of Justice
    Alvaro Dominguez

    The Private Option

    One company has become the biggest provider of jail health care. Sheriffs are worried: “If you’re the only dance in town, you can pretty much call your own shots.”

  • Jose Luis Gonzalez / Reuters

    Why Beto O’Rourke Argues He Has a New Case to Make to Voters

    The former congressman says the recent mass shooting in El Paso changed his thinking on the presidential race. But he still needs to convince the electorate.

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    J. Scott Applewhite / AP

    The Question Democrats Have to Answer Before They Can Impeach

    The lawmakers who most want to oust President Trump don’t agree on what the party’s strongest case against him is.

  • Politics Daily
    Al Drago / Reuters

    The Atlantic Politics Daily: For Those Too Young to Remember 9/11

    Something like a quarter of Americans today weren’t even born on 9/11. Plus: The Trump administration considers a national ban on flavored e-cigarettes.

  • The Presence of Justice
    Tony Luong

    This Man Says His Anti-violence Plan Would Save 12,000 Lives

    Why aren’t more cities using it?

  • Michael Dwyer / AP

    Will Joe Biden Lose His Lead?

    The septuagenarian former vice president maintains a comfortable lead in the polls as Democrats head into the third debate.

  • Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

    The Quickest Path to Irrelevance in the Trump White House

    John Bolton’s days were numbered from the start.

  • Politics Daily

    The Atlantic Politics Daily: The Battle of the Dans

    In some ways, the last election of 2018 has become the first election of 2020. Plus: President Trump and John Bolton rarely agreed.