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    Bethany Beams / Courtesy of Jen Hatmaker

    What Obligation Do White Christian Women Have to Speak Out About Politics?

    Jen Hatmaker says the “days of silence are over” in polite evangelical culture.

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  • REUTERS/Stephanie Keith

    The Far Right's Day in Boston

    Participants in a “free speech” rally in Boston say they aren’t white nationalists, but claim there is a “war against whites” in America.

  • Stephanie Keith / Reuters

    'Free Speech' Event in Boston Met by Massive Counter-Protest

    The Boston Police Department said that 33 people have been arrested in connection with the rally and counter-demonstrations on Saturday.

  • Jonathan Drake / Reuters

    Durham's Anti-Klan Block Party

    Hundreds of residents came out to the streets after rumors of a white-supremacist rally protesting the removal of a Confederate statue.

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    Win McNamee / Reuters

    The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Loose Bannon

    President Trump fired Steve Bannon, the former Breitbart editor who helped fuel Trump's rise.

  • Joshua Roberts / Reuters

    What Europe Can Teach America About Free Speech

    In an unregulated marketplace of ideas, private citizens need to take up the burden of holding the line against racist extremism.

  • Mark Wilson / Getty Images

    Why I Changed My Mind About Confederate Monuments

    Empty pedestals can offer the same lessons about racism and war that the statues do.

  • Mark Kauzlarich / Reuters

    Bannon Is 'Going Nuclear'

    The ousted White House chief strategist is back at Breitbart News, and he’s planning to make mischief.

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    Dolores Huerta's Life of Activism

    The 87-year-old labor leader who fought with Cesar Chavez says grassroots organizing is still effective.

  • Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

    Bannon's Exit Leaves Trump Untethered

    As the president cuts ties with establishment staffers, and forces out his populist firebrand, what’s left of Trumpism other than white identity politics?

  • Carlos Barria / Reuters

    Steve Bannon's Departure Won't Change Donald Trump

    The president’s prejudices predate his relationship with the former Breitbart News chief.

  • Mark Wilson / Getty / Zak Bickel / ...

    'These Monuments Were Transformed From Equestrian Statues Into Lightning Rods'

    Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer reverses course, and calls for the removal of his city’s statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

  • Omar Sobhani / Reuters

    Erik Prince's Plan to Privatize the War in Afghanistan

    President Trump is meeting with his aides on Friday at Camp David—and some unorthodox ideas are on the table.

  • Jim Bourg / Reuters

    Black Charlottesville Has Seen This All Before

    The return of violent white-supremacist rallies to the city is a special threat to its African American community, but not a new one.

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    National Park Service

    The Nation's Official Memorial to Robert E. Lee Gets a Rewrite

    Days after the events in Charlottesville, the National Park Service quietly changed its description of Arlington House, the Virginia mansion that Congress formally named in honor of the Confederate general.

  • AP

    The Atlantic Civil War Reader

    A look back at how the magazine covered the conflict as it unfolded

  • Chip Somodevilla / Getty

    The Women Behind the 'Alt-Right'

    The overwhelmingly male crowd at the white-nationalist rally in Charlottesville shouldn’t be seen as an absence of women in the movement overall.

  • J. Scott Applewhite / AP

    Will Congress Remove Confederate Statues From the Capitol?

    After Charlottesville, Democratic lawmakers have called for their expulsion, but Republicans haven’t joined in.

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    Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

    'Before I Make a Statement, I Need the Facts'

    President Trump responded quickly to a terrorist attack in Barcelona, but waited to condemn the one in Charlottesville.

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    Alec MacGillis / ProPublica / REUTERS

    The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: A Monumental Debate

    President Trump railed against the removal of Confederate monuments, while House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called on Speaker Paul Ryan to get them out of the U.S. Capitol Building.

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    Daniel Becerril / Reuters

    When Corporations Are Good Citizens

    In many recent social and legal battles, large consumer companies have weighed in on the side of marginalized and endangered groups.