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The Books Briefing: What’s White and Black and Read All Over?

The journalists who help us contextualize: Your weekly guide to the best in books

The cover of 'The Snowy Day' by Ezra Jack Keats.

What Captivates Children About The Snowy Day?

Ezra Jack Keats’s picture book is the most checked-out volume of all time at the New York Public Library. A professor of children’s literature examines why the book has connected with so many kids.

Doug McLean

The Frank Bidart Poem That Sums Up How Artists Innovate

In writing, originality doesn’t have to mean rejecting traditional forms.

Why Normal People Want to Work in Silicon Valley

Anna Wiener’s new memoir, Uncanny Valley, tells the story of a regular person under the spell of disruption.

Let’s All Read More Fiction

Over the centuries, our magazine has prized great storytelling. Now we’re recommitting ourselves to publishing short fiction, beginning with a story by Lauren Groff.

A Conversation With Lauren Groff About Her Writing Process

“Often before I write a scene for the final time … I take a minute, close my eyes, and build the world of the scene around me.”


A short story

The Books Briefing: First Exercise, Then Write

Health for the body, the mind, and the world: Your weekly guide to the best in books

Such a Fun Age Satirizes the White Pursuit of Wokeness

Kiley Reid’s debut novel is a funny, fast-paced, empathetic examination of privilege in America.

The Books Briefing: On Self-Progress

New year, new reads: Your weekly guide to the best in books

One Way the New Little Women Film Is Radical

With remarkable clarity, Greta Gerwig’s adaptation establishes love and its complement, sacrifice, as mutually engaged emotions.

The Books Briefing: All the Books We Loved This Year

Looking back at the year in literature: Your 2019 guide to the best in books

A Book That Honors a Complicated Figure

A recent work by the late critic Clive James about his literary idol, Philip Larkin, artfully examines the complex poet’s canon.

The 15 Best Books of 2019

The novels, reportage, and memoirs that stood out most

illustration of a woman writing

The Woman Who Made Modern Journalism

Ida Tarbell championed reportorial methods and investigative goals that are as potent today as ever.

The Atlantic Politics Daily: Of the People, by the People

Some of our most memorable profiles from 2019. You’ll recognize nearly all of these people as household names, but you’ll likely learn something new from each story.

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Inside Tech’s Fever Dream

Drawn into the tech world, a 20-something wonders why she—and the rest of us—didn’t wise up to the grandiose myopia sooner.

The Books Briefing: The Part of Human Nature That Bends Toward Solitude

A tour of places to be alone: Your weekly guide to the best in books

Diving Into Pop Music’s Hidden Depths

A new book, from the hosts of the Switched on Pop podcast, approaches the genre with laserlike focus and palpable enthusiasm.