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Before any article makes it into The Atlantic magazine, it goes through Yvonne Rolzhausen and her fact-checking team. For nearly thirty years, long before the term “alternative facts” entered our lexicon, Yvonne has been making sure every word The Atlantic prints is true. Today, a special treat for Masthead members: Yvonne will walk us through her fact-checking routine, a process that continues—sometimes for months—until she and her team have confirmed every last line.

Word By Word, Line By Line

By Yvonne Rolzhausen, senior editor at The Atlantic

In a world where “fake news” thrives and basic editorial standards are often jettisoned as unnecessary expenses, fact-checkers can sometimes feel like an endangered species. But The Atlantic is dedicated to accuracy and truth—and therefore to rigorous fact-checking. Our pieces seek to be thought-provoking and interesting—but to be truly insightful, they must be right.

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