Chris Barna

Chris Barna is a web developer at The Atlantic.
  • Track of the Day: 'What Kind of Man' (remix)

    If you were lucky enough to see Darkside–Nicolas Jaar’s collaboration with Dave Harrington–live, you already know that a twelve-and-a-half-minute remix by Jaar is worth every second. If you don’t know Jaar, this remix of Florence and the Machine’s “What Kind of Man” is an accessible example of his masterful style of building and layering tracks until they fully encompass the listener in sound. After a three minute intro, an infectious synth line kicks in that never fails to get my head bobbing and my foot tapping. Seven months after its release, this track remains my favorite of the year.

  • Peter Dejong/AP

    The Surprising Challenge of Displaying Beautiful Pictures Online

    In January, The Atlantic rolled out its brand-new Photo section, designed to look great on both mobile and desktop. From a technical perspective, the project required a lot of creative thinking.