Yasmin Tayag Joins The Atlantic as a Staff Writer, with Damon Beres Recently Hired as Senior Editor Focused on Technology

Yasmin Tayag and Damon Beres
The Atlantic

Yasmin Tayag will join The Atlantic’s editorial team this month, when she will become a staff writer. Over the past year, in her work as a freelancer, Yasmin has contributed extensively to The Atlantic, including a number of pandemic-related pieces where she reported on the effects of Americans’ low booster numbers, how we can’t quit hygiene theater, and whether we should be masking again. Yasmin previously worked at Medium, where she launched the publication Future Human and edited the Coronavirus Blog. Prior to Medium, Yasmin edited science coverage at Inverse.

Damon Beres also recently joined The Atlantic’s editorial staff, as a senior editor focused on technology coverage. Damon was previously at Unfinished, where he was the editor in chief. Prior to that, he was the editor in chief of the publication OneZero at Medium, which specialized in stories about social networks, artificial intelligence, surveillance, labor, and ethical approaches to technology. Damon further launched the spinoff publications Debugger and, with Yasmin, Future Human, and published Cory Doctorow’s book How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism. Damon has written for The Atlantic on how the iPhone’s ubiquity has made the device less cool; he has also covered the planned obsolescence of smartphones and ebook accessibility.

The Atlantic has announced and welcomed a number of new editorial hires this year, including Jerusalem Demsas as staff writer, coming from Vox; Elaina Plott and Mark Leibovich as staff writers, both coming from The New York Times; Laura Bennett as a senior editor focusing on the features, coming from Slate; and Gal Beckerman as a senior editor overseeing our Books expansion, also formerly of The New York Times.

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