Introducing The Atlantic’s Daily Idea

New smart-speaker skill delivers daily, illuminating ideas for Amazon Echo and Google Home

The Atlantic today introduces The Atlantic’s Daily Idea, a new smart-speaker skill for Amazon Echo and Google Home that intends to delight and surprise listeners with something unconventional: a single, illuminating idea. The skill will deliver a different story every weekday, drawn from among The Atlantic’s most memorable and compelling recent reporting.

Every weekday, when people queue their smart speakers with the commands “Alexa, open The Atlantic’s Daily Idea” or “Google, play news from The Atlantic,” they’ll hear a condensed, one-to two-minute read of an Atlantic story, be it “An Artificial Intelligence Developed Its Own Non-Human Language” or “The Case for Locking Up Your Smartphone.” The skill will include reporting from across The Atlantic’s science, tech, health, family, and education sections, as well as the magazine’s archives, representing the work of dozens of writers.

For more info, add The Atlantic to your smart speaker’s news briefing or visit

The Atlantic’s Daily Idea joins The Atlantic’s growing audio platform, which includes the weekly news and politics podcast Radio Atlantic and the series Crazy/Genius, currently in its third season with host Derek Thompson. The Atlantic is also in production on its first long-form narrative podcast, which will examine Hurricane Katrina and be reported and hosted by staff writer Vann R. Newkirk II. The podcast will be a limited-run series and will launch in the fall.

Capgemini, a global consulting, technology-services, and digital-transformation company with 40 offices across North America, is the exclusive sponsor of The Atlantic’s Daily Idea. The company’s commitment to the field of AI makes it a natural fit for the smart-speaker initiative.