The Atlantic Hires Natasha Bertrand as Staff Writer, James Somers as Contributing Editor

Bertrand to cover national security with focus on developments in the Trump-Russia investigation

Washington, D.C. (January 18, 2018)-- The Atlantic is expanding its politics and technology coverage with two new editorial hires. Natasha Bertrand will join The Atlantic in mid-February as a staff writer, covering national security and the intelligence community with a focus on developments in the Trump-Russia investigation. Bertrand, who has covered the same beat as a political correspondent for Business Insider, is the latest addition to The Atlantic’s growing Politics & Policy team.

Also announced today: James Somers, a New York City-based writer and programmer, will become The Atlantic’s newest contributing editor. Somers is already a familiar byline at The Atlantic-- since 2011, he has written about technology, data, and computing. His latest feature, “The Coming Software Apocalypse,” details attempts to make complex software reliable. Somers’s new role is effective immediately.

These hires were announced today by The Atlantic’s editor in chief Jeffrey Goldberg and editor of Adrienne LaFrance. Last week, the publisher announced that Elaina Plott and Reihan Salam will join as politics staff writer and contributing editor, respectively. Readership of grew nearly 30% in 2017, breaking an all-time record in the month of May. The print magazine also saw its highest subscription rates in more than a decade, surpassing 570,000 subscribers.