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American Metamorphosis

A Podcast Series From BCG

American Metamorphosis

A climate crisis. A pandemic. An economy in free fall.

In a time of national turbulence, effective governance has arguably never been more important.

The task of addressing our most pressing national issues requires swift transformations at the highest levels of government. That process begins with the peaceful transition of presidential power. What does it take to get it right?

In American Metamorphosis, a new limited-series weekly podcast from Boston Consulting Group and Atlantic Re:think, the branded content studio within The Atlantic, host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani examines how the obstacles and opportunities faced by every new administration connect to everything from boardrooms to blockbusters, scandals and successes.

Episode Six

The Butterfly Effect

Transitions empower us to envision and build a sustainable future.


Episode Five

The Mountaintop

Administrations need to move mountains to enact transformative policy.


Episode Four


New administrations can pave the way for innovation through monumental government projects.


Episode Three

An Open Window

The first 100 days of a new administration tests a president’s priorities and competency.


Episode Two

Goodbye, Kansas

Moments of crisis present unique challenges—and unexpected opportunities—for incoming presidents.


Episode One

The Collider

Our most consequential national security challenges reveal why we need a stronger transition playbook.


About the partnership:

For civil servants, forging a path forward in the coming years will require a combination of creative thinking and expert insight. That’s why Atlantic Re:think, the branded content studio within The Atlantic, and Boston Consulting Group have joined hands. Through a podcast, thought leadership, and a live event, we’re exploring strategies for navigating the rigors ahead.

With special thanks to Catherine Manfre, Nidhi Sinha, Danny Werfel, and Brooke Bollyky at BCG.

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