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What Doctors Are Afraid Of

Apr 04, 2020 | 103 videos
Video by The Atlantic

Chaos. Fear. Dwindling stockpiles of equipment. Impossible choices. Patients dying alone. These are some of the things that health-care professionals describe facing while fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past week, we spoke with doctors, nurses, and physician assistants at some of the hardest-hit hospitals in the nation. In a new documentary from The Atlantic, they bring us into their devastating new reality.

“All I'm seeing are people who are vulnerable, people who are weak, people who are scared,” says Dr. Darien Sutton, a New York emergency physician, in the video. “And I'm not gonna lie. It's making me scared.”

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Authors: Emily Buder, Jeremy Raff, Annalise Pasztor

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