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The Surreality of Central Park’s Field Hospital

Apr 03, 2020 | 103 videos
Video by The Atlantic

When news spread that a field hospital was opening in Central Park, New Yorkers breathed a collective sigh of relief. The 68-bed respiratory-care unit would accept overflow patients from Mount Sinai, which was running out of hospital beds. It was a necessary contribution to a public-health crisis.

But the next wave of news wasn’t so optimistic. As it turns out, Samaritan’s Purse, the Christian relief organization behind the field hospital, is run by a fundamentalist preacher known for his anti-LGBTQ and Islamophobic rhetoric. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio expressed serious concern.

In a new documentary, The Atlantic visits Central Park to speak with volunteers from Samaritan’s Purse and to find out what New Yorkers think of it all. The tent hospital accepted its first patient on Wednesday.

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Author: Daniel Lombroso

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