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Will the 'Trump Effect' Sweep Europe?

Apr 14, 2017 | 13 videos
Video by The Atlantic

While Americans have been adjusting to the daily controversies of the Trump administration, Europe is dealing with the rise of far-right, populist candidates in key elections this year. Brexit and Donald Trump’s election emboldened controversial figures like Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, and Marine Le Pen in France– and Europe’s leaders fear the populist wave has only begun its course. Atlantic senior editor Krishnadev Calamur argues the hysteria might be overblown in this latest episode of “Unpresidented.” After all, far-right candidates that were spooking the establishment lost in both Austria and the Netherlands’ recent elections. All eyes are on France’s upcoming presidential election, where Le Pen is polling unprecedentedly high but is expected to lose in the runoff vote in May. There’s no evidence a “Trump effect” is sweeping the West, but as Trump’s election proved, nothing is impossible.

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Authors: Leah Varjacques, Krishnadev Calamur

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