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How Pink 'Pussyhats' Took Over the Women's March

Jan 25, 2017 | 103 videos
Video by The Atlantic

Over 600 women's marches took place worldwide on January 21, 2017, and bright pink, cat-eared hats were the unofficial uniform. The Pussyhat Project was started by Krista Suh, a Los Angeles-based screenwriter, and a group of her friends—and the idea went viral. Suh posted the knitting pattern online, and soon thousands of women were signing up to make pussyhats. By the time the flagship D.C. march happened, the crowd was a sea of pink. "Femininity, whether it's in a man or a woman, is really disrespected in our society," Suh says in this film by The Atlantic. "What we're trying to do with this project is embrace pink, embrace the name 'pussyhat,' and not run away from that."

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Authors: Leah Varjacques, Erica Moriarty

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