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Are Trump's Tweets Presidential?

Jan 20, 2017 | 13 videos
Video by The Atlantic

In the 1930s, Franklin D. Roosevelt tapped directly into Americans’ homes with his “fireside chats.” While not quite as warm, Donald Trump’s Twitter feed is a similarly direct connection to an emotionally open president. “Twitter is a perfect tool for what he wants to do, which is bypass the media and talk directly to the people,” explains Atlantic editor Andrew McGill in this video. “He can fire up his base or push back against stories he doesn’t like.” But while Trump’s untamed Twitter gives the impression of his realness, it also could be dangerous. He’s accessible, but at what cost? This is the first episode “Unpresidented,” an original series from The Atlantic exploring a new era in American politics.

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Authors: Andrew McGill, Daniel Lombroso, Alice Roth

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