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One Man's Search for Meaning in the Rhythm of Tap

Jan 23, 2017 | 831 videos
Video by BRIC TV

Fred Nelson found tap dancing late in his life, but it’s what brings him the most joy. In the short film He Who Dances on Wood, Nelson delivers a touching soliloquy on the fulfillment he feels while tapping out a rhythm on a small piece of wood. “There's nothing that gives me more joy than when I'm in there tap dancing. It's a way of talking, speaking—the wood has a voice too,” he says. “I know I've found my joy. It's not Jesus, it's not Allah, it's a piece of wood.” This film was produced and directed by Jessica Beshir for BRIC TV. To see more of BRIC’s work, visit their website and Youtube channel.

Update: The full film has been replaced by the trailer.

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Author: Nadine Ajaka

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