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Using Theater to Heal From Sexual Assault

Dec 30, 2016 | 586 videos
Video by Yining Zhou, Avinash Chak, Andrew Fowler

Minita Gandhi is the American-born daughter of Indian immigrants, and like many in her generation, she feels stuck between two worlds. This notion of straddling divergent spaces is something she explores in her one-woman show, Muthaland, which charts her coming of age. This short film by Andrew Fowler, Yining Zhou, and Avinash Chak explores Gandhi’s complicated relationship with her cultural identity—especially after a troubling and traumatic assault in India. The most moving part is to witness Gandhi’s relationship with her father unfold and evolve, as he also processes his pain about the event and struggles with forgiveness. “She hated India,” he says. “Anytime that somebody goes for a visit and this kind of incident happens, anybody with common sense would have hatred.”

Author: Nadine Ajaka


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