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Would You Drink a Placenta Smoothie?

Dec 28, 2016 | 584 videos
Video by Alden Nusser and Emrys Eller

Frozen berries, honey, milk, and a touch of placenta—these are the ingredients to Amethyst Hertsens’s placenta smoothie. Most mammals consume their placenta after giving birth, and there are some people who claim that it can provide benefits for women. “All of my clients say that they can’t taste anything but the berries,” says Hertsens, who is a doula and placenta encapsulation specialist. “The strangest part of what I do is the amount of blood that I work with outside of a medical setting.” This short film, Amethyst and The Placenta Smoothie, explores Hertsens’s practice and profiles the couples who want to test the potential perks for themselves. It was produced and directed by Alden Nusser and Emrys Eller.

Author: Nadine Ajaka


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