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To Live Deliberately

The Florida Retirement Community Designed for Indians

Aug 22, 2016 | 4 videos
Video by The Atlantic

ShantiNiketan is known as “little India”—it’s a small cluster of retirement homes in Central Florida that was planned for Indian Americans. It’s meant to be a space for people who cannot grow old in their homeland because their lives are rooted in the United States. “Because of the very unique culture, food, and religion, Indians find it very difficult to retire in a mainstream retirement community,” says Iggy Ignatius, who was born in India and founded ShantiNiketan in 2008. “But for those who want to come here, I can tell you this is heaven for them.” We went inside ShantiNiketan to speak to the Indian Americans who live there, and to understand the appeal of moving to a place that’s steeped in the culture of your birthplace.

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Author: Sam Price-Waldman

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