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State of Migration

Crossing the Border Into a Precarious Life

May 25, 2016 | 10 videos
Video by Talking Eyes

For Jose Alfredo Conde-Hernandez, who is undocumented, any interaction with the police comes with a fear of deportation. His daughter, Marisol, is attending law school, in part, because of the struggles her family has had staying in the country. This is the third episode in a series titled American Sueño, which investigates how different immigration statuses impact the members of this Mexican-American family.

This film appears in the second issue of Newest Americans, a collaboration between Rutgers University-Newark, Talking Eyes, and VII Photo centered around America's changing demographics. More information can be found on the Facebook page and Twitter account. This short film is part of an ongoing series on The Atlantic from Talking Eyes Media about movement, location, and identity called State of Migration.

Author: Nadine Ajaka


About This Series

An ongoing series from Newest Americans about movement, location and identity