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The Mormon Feminist Fighting for Priesthood

Feb 02, 2016 | 563 videos
Video by Kristine Stolakis

Where We Stand is the latest film by the filmmaker Kristine Stolakis—it’s the story of a controversial group of Mormon feminists fighting for the ordination of women in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In this short scene from the film, we meet Abby Hansen, a stay-at-home mom turned vocal advocate for Ordain Women. Stolakis wrote in an email: "The film is not just for Mormons. It is not just for feminists. It is for anyone who has questioned what it means to believe and to belong." Stolakis is currently running an Indiegogo to raise completion and distribution funds, and the full film will premiere in film festivals this winter.

Author: Nadine Ajaka


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