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A Day in the Life of Three Street Kids in Eastern Congo

Nov 12, 2015 | 831 videos
Video by Theo Anthony

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a group of children posture for the camera: “This world is not the world,” says one of them, named Patient. “I don’t fear because I know they empty.” Theo Anthony's short film, Chop My Money, captures the destitute and dramatic world of three kids in Eastern Congo, the crew they run with, and the way they hustle to stay alive. It's a visceral profile of children who seemingly fear nothing.   

The film features the music of Dirty Beaches. More of Anthony's work can be found on his website; his first feature film, a documentary about rats, will be come out next year. He was recently named one of Filmmaker Magazine's "25 New Faces of Independent Film."

Via Daniel Lombroso

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Author: Nadine Ajaka

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