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'On the Other Side of Poems Is Often Healing'

Jul 22, 2015 | 831 videos
Video by Ora DeKornfeld

Tyesha is a high-school student who has had a challenging home life. When an alternative spoken word class came to her school, she began the process of disentangling some of her difficult emotions through poetry. In elementary school, she was raped by her next-door neighbor, and didn't feel like she belonged in her own skin. Over the course of the class, Tyesha learns to speak about her experience in order to free herself. "Something just pushed me and just told me to just go ahead and read [my poem]," she says in this moving documentary by Ora DeKornfeld. "When I said it, I felt so much relief off of my shoulders."

DeKornfeld is currently working on her next project: a short form documentary about a Pakistani Sufi singer who leaves his home country for the first time in order to partake in the Dosti Music Project.

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Author: Nadine Ajaka

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