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How to Amass a $10 Million African Art Collection

Jul 20, 2015 | 831 videos
Video by Mark Zemel

Eric Edwards owns 1,600 pieces of African art—worth an estimated $10 million dollars—in his Brooklyn apartment. His fascination with collecting African art began in his youth, he explains in this documentary by Mark Zemel, and was prompted by his father's worldview. "He knew we would experience racism and he wanted to basically inoculate us from feeling less important or inferior than anyone else," Edwards says. "His way of doing that was to teach us African history." Edwards has spent 44 years amassing his collection, and is now trying to open a museum to house his artifacts. It will be called the Cultural Museum of African Art—a Kickstarter exists to fund the opening of the Brooklyn museum.

Zemel is currently working on a series that looks at collectors and their obsessions. His next film is called is called "The Purrtraitist," a short documentary on a professional cat photographer.

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Author: Nadine Ajaka

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