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'When Did You Become a Black Man?'

Jun 01, 2015 | 831 videos
Video by Shikeith Cathey

When did you become a black man? is the opening question of Philadelphia-based artist Shikeith's 45-minute documentary, #blackmendream. We've posted a five-minute excerpt, but I encourage you to watch the entire film. The documentary is comprised of interviews with nine black men, all turned away from the camera and many of them unclothed. It is intimate, sometimes uncomfortably so, exploring topics that are often taboo for young black men to discuss—being gay, crying, depression, the in-group pressures of black society.

To see more of Shikeith's work, you can visit his website. His most recent project is an art book called "Somewhere over the _" that is currently available for purchase.

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Author: Nadine Ajaka

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