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Why Oscar Grant's Mother Still Celebrates His Birthday

May 15, 2015 | 831 videos
Video by Mohammad Gorjestani, Malcolm Pullinger, and Ephraim Walker

Every year since Oscar Grant was killed by a BART police officer in 2009, his mother, Wanda Johnson, brings the local community together to celebrate his birthday. "Oscar would want us to embrace everyone," she says in this moving documentary by Molecule, a production company. "There's something about losing a child that's so different than any other death," Johnson told the filmmakers. "That child was a part of you, inside of you, came out of youand there's nothing compared to that."

The filmmakers, Mohammad Gorjestani and Malcolm Pullinger, can be found on Twitter at @mogorjestani and @mpullinger.

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Author: Nadine Ajaka

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