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Our Incredible, Microscopic World

Apr 24, 2015 | 18 videos
Video by The Atlantic

Nikon will be announcing the winners of the annual Small World in Motion competition on April 27. The photomicrography contest first introduced a video category in 2011, which includes digital time-lapse footage taken through a microscope. As a preview, they've shared some of the finalists' videos from this year's competition with us, which we've edited together. More than than 130 entries were received this year, featuring remarkable footage that spans everything from embryonic mouse kidneys to a killer T cell engaging a cancer cell. Enjoy a trip into the microscopic world with this incredible footage.

The photography portion of Nikon's Small World competition is still accepting submissions until April 30.

Update: The full list of winners has been announced and can be found here.

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Author: Nadine Ajaka

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