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Rhythm in Motion

'I'm As Hardcore New York As You Can Possibly Get'

Apr 21, 2015 | 10 videos
Video by Jenny Schweitzer

Lorenzo Laroc, a 54-year-old electric violinist, believes he was destined to become a musician. "I was put on this Earth to play music for my fellow human beings," he tells filmmaker Jenny Schweitzer. "It's my calling." Laroc grew up in a family of six kids, with few toys except for a violin. He says he carried it with him everywhere, forging an identity on bow strings. He plays on subways platforms and at ritzy parties, a performer at ease regardless the audience. "You can't ever give up," he tells Schweitzer. "The thing about a dream is, once you let go of that dream, the dream is dead. It's over."

This is the third film in a series about New York's subway musicians.

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Author: Chris Heller

About This Series

A curated series of short films about New York City's subway musicians