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These Are Not TV's Most Popular Shows

Apr 27, 2015 | 831 videos
Video by Dissolve Footage

From Gritty Policy Drama to Reality Show on an Island, this short parody skewers the genres, tropes, and tired formulas behind television's biggest hits. The sharp minds at Dissolve Footage cut together this withering critique entirely from stock footage—it's fundamentally an advertisement for their service—and, if you've watched TV in the past decade, you'll recognize their targets. Gritty Police Drama is spun-off as… Gritty Police Drama: Another Big City. The stars of Quirky Roommates Sitcom? "Geeky girl because glasses" and "charming doofus," of course. This is what clever parody looks like.

We previously featured several of Dissolve's other videos, including a corporate branding satire, a mockumentary about emoji, and a montage of famous movies recreated with stock footage.

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Author: Chris Heller

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