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The Power of an All-Women Mariachi Band

Apr 07, 2015 | 10 videos
Video by Jenny Schweitzer

Mariachi is "passed on from generation to generation," says Mireya Ramos, a musician who lives in New York City. "It's very traditional and very macho." Ramos tells filmmaker Jenny Schweitzer that she had "negative experiences" with other bands—that is to say, with the men who performed in them—and decided to form Flor de Toloache, a seven-piece, all-women mariachi group. "For people who are used to seeing men play, we're making a statement. We're breaking that concept," says Shae Fiol, a band member.

This is the first in a series of short films about New York's subway musicians.

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Author: Chris Heller

About This Series

A curated series of short films about New York City's subway musicians