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'The Most Beautiful Sound in the Canadian Rockies Is Silence'

May 06, 2015 | 831 videos
Video by Sherpas Cinema

"I'm 88. I call it my piano years," Edward Hunter, a life-long skiier, says in this soulful documentary by Sherpas Cinema. "There are 88 keys. Some black, some white, but they all work together for harmony. I hope I've had some harmony in my life."

Hunter has ridden the slopes of Banff National Park's Mt. Norquay for more than eight decades. He has a remarkable, intimate connection to the mountains he calls home. "I feel good in the morning when I see the sun hitting the upper slopes of the mountain and slowly work down," he explains in the film. "I feel good when I see my kids carrying on skiing. Any day is better if I'm skiing with them."

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Author: Chris Heller

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