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The Feminist Who Could Change Nigeria

Oct 08, 2014 | 596 videos
Video by Joanna Lipper

In this clip from The Supreme Price, a new documentary by filmmaker Joanna Lipper, human rights activist Hafsat Abiola laments the structural obstacles that have plagued Nigeria for more than five decades. As the daughter of pro-democracy leaders M.K.O. and Kudirat Abiola, who were killed in the 1990s amid the last years of Nigeria's military junta, Hafsat founded a non-profit in her mother's name devoted to the social, political, and economic advancement of women. "It's been 50 years of failure, so what do the Nigerian women have to say to our men?" she says. "We have to challenge them, we have to bring out ideas to them—and when we come, the men will stand down."

An extended interview with Lipper is linked below.

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Author: Chris Heller


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