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'Cattoo': The Rise of the Cat Tattoo

Oct 02, 2014 | 570 videos
Video by Emily Sheskin

In this delightfully offbeat documentary, filmmaker Emily Sheskin profiles a Williamsburg tattoo artist named Betty Rose. Rose is known for popularizing the "cattoo", which is exactly what it sounds like it is—a tattoo of a cat. "People are constantly asking me for them and I will never tire of doing them," she says. In 2012, this magazine wondered if our feline friends are making us crazy. Maybe it's time we revise the question: Is Your Cat Making You Crazy Inked On Your Body?

Sheskin's film was originally published as a part of the Sidekick Series, a collection of short documentaries about adopted and rescued pets. The series' crew include producer Suzanna Schumacher, Serena Kuo behind the camera, and sound mixer Mike Jansson.

Author: Chris Heller


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