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The Big Question

How Will Climate Change Transform U.S. Cities?

Sep 08, 2014 | 28 videos
Video by The Atlantic

At this year's Aspen Ideas Festival, we wanted to unearth the ways in which climate change will inevitably affect urban life in America. "If certain cities in the world become places where you cannot live, where will people go?" asks Santa Fe Institute professor Luís Bettencourt. "There will likely be large scale migrations that will influence the demographics of cities and places."  Other panelists include M. Sanjayan, Geoffrey West, Alissa Walker, Jeff Speck, Coral Davenport and Jennifer Pahlka.

The Big Question is a series inspired by The Atlantic's back-page feature.

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Authors: Kasia Cieplak-Mayr von Baldegg, Sam Price-Waldman, Nadine Ajaka

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