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I Spent Half My Life Making a Video Game

Jun 26, 2014 |
Video by Adam Butcher

When Adam Butcher was a teenager, he decided to make the video game of his dreams. It took more than 13 years to finish. What went wrong? Why did it take so long? In this short film, he reflects on the flaws behind his quixotic project—and why it wasn't a complete failure. "It's the game I always wanted to make and no one—not even the grown-up, 26-year-old version of myself—could tell me otherwise," he says.

You can download Tobias and the Dark Sceptres for free. (Note: It only works on Windows.) Butcher has several other shorts available online, including Internet Story and Bradley Manning Had Secrets. He is currently writing a feature-length film.

Author: Chris Heller