What does it feel like to jump off a mountain and speed past rocky cliffs at roughly 150mph? This excerpt from Birdmen: The Original Dream of Flight, tries to shed light on why thrill-seeking athletes do what they do, and features Matt Gerdes (in blue) and Mike Steen (in red) flying a spectacular route through the Italian Dolomites. Birdmen is the first full-length documentary about the "past, present, and possible future" of wingsuit flying, an extension of B.A.S.E. jumping. Gerdes and Steen, along with director Matt Sheridan, discuss the making of the film in an interview with the Atlantic Video channel here, where you can also watch the trailer for the film. 

Video is courtesy of Proximity Productions LLC and Team Thirteen. For more information about Birdmen and to sign up to be notified about the forthcoming digital release of the film, visit www.birdmenthemovie.com

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