Bob Chisholm has been taking photographs for decades, but didn't display them until a 2011 show at The Popular Workshop gallery in San Francisco, Forgotten and Undisturbed. In fact, the gallery writes, most of "the work in the show was discovered in a crawl space in a home in Northern California, left untouched for more than a decade." The artist discusses his work and waxes poetic in this profile by Cole Schreiber of Sunday / Paper, who describes Chisholm as "Bob Dylan meets Hunter S. Thompson, poet meets photographer ... one of a kind." 

This video is one in a series of artist profiles by The Popular Workshop and Sunday / Paper. Schreiber and the Workshop's creative directors, Nate Hooper and Andy Hawgood, discuss the project in an interview with the Atlantic Video channel. They've also produced a profile of video artist Hunter Longe, which you can see here

Select photographs by Bob Chisholm, courtesy of The Popular Workshop

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