Alan Taylor's twenty-part World War II restrospective is a sweeping look back at the war that defined a century. This week he shares photographs from the home front, so here at the Video Channel we've selected a few highlights from the Internet Archive's vast collection of films from this era. 

"On the seventh day of December, 1941, it struck the eleventh hour. Every hour after that has been, will be, zero hour. Forty eight united states of a free and sovereign America are at war. Every American has his job to do, and the will to do it, and the tools to do it with, pray God he also has the time. Time -- the most vital natural resource of a country at war." 

This excerpt of "Conquer by the Clock," produced by RKO-Pathe, explains how one negligent factory girl's cigarette break is a matter of life and death for a soldier on the front. 

To watch the film in its entirety, visit the Internet Archive

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