Crazy/Genius Season 2: Five Radical Ideas to Save the World

A pill for aging, a search engine for memories, and other visions the future.

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In the first season of Crazy/Genius, The Atlantic’s podcast on tech and culture, I asked experts to help me answer some of the hardest questions I could imagine. Would the U.S. economy be better off if the government broke up Amazon? Is smartphone use a behavioral addiction? And, seriously, where are all the aliens?

In our upcoming season, the focus shifts from hard questions to radical answers, featuring a ragtag cast of scientists, tinkerers, and artists: a Harvard professor who’s convinced that aging is just another curable disease; the chief engineer behind the world's most advanced self-driving car technology; climate scientists who study volcanic eruptions and see a lesson for slowing global warming; a startup couple developing the future of “meat” (it chirps); a concert pianist who plays duets with an algorithm, and whose work might be the future of creativity.

The second season of Crazy/Genius returns on August 30. Subscribe here.