U2 Performed at the Apple Event for No (Good) Reason

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After a day jam packed with excitement at Apple Live, Tim Cook brought U2 up on stage. Sure, Apple has collaborated with U2 in the past, but this is still ending on quite a weird note. We expected the performance to somehow be linked to the Watch or iPhone 6, but it looks like Tim Cook just... likes U2.

Apple offered this suggestion:

"U2 performs live. Put your iPhones in the air."

Well, at least someone is into it:

Now they're talking about U2 putting out a new album, "Songs of Innocence," which the band finished last week. Of course, they'll be collaborating with Apple on the launch. The new album is going out for free to half a billion people (all iTunes customers in 119 countries) as part of the promo, which Tim Cook keeps calling "the biggest album release in the history of music." The conversation between Bono and Tim Cook reminds The Wire staffers of a summer camp skit.

Cook ended the day by praising his staffers. It was a nice touch but didn't really make up for any of the U2 weirdness.

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