The Wire Presents: Way Better Apple Watch Names

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The Apple Watch is flashy, yes, but its name is not nearly as cool. When everything else Apple has ever called has started with "i," why avoid the name "iWatch"?

Because Swatch, purveyors of the iSwatch, didn't want them to.

But this is Apple we're talking about. This is the company that, when presented with a tablet, dubbed it "iPad," to much confusion and exasperation from Apple devotees. So, in the place of "Apple Watch" — which, admit it, is a terribly boring name — The Wire staff has gathered some suggestions for an alternate title for the wearable device that would use the revered lowercase "i":

  • iTime
  • iWrist
  • iWristWatch
  • iClock
  • iTick (or iTickTock, to avoid thinking of the bug)
  • iCan'tAffordThis
  • iHorological Machine (thanks for this tongue twister, Tim Cook!)
  • iBracelet
  • iTellTime
  • SUNDiAL (creative use of "i," courtesy The Wire writer Kevin O'Keeffe)

We reached out to Twitter for some more suggestions...

...and received a few replies:

Wait... we don't get that last one.

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