The iPhone 6 is Here

Apple has just announced the highly anticipated iPhone 6. 

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Apple has just announced the highly anticipated iPhone 6.

The device will come fully equipped with iOS 8. As for colors, right now it is being shown in black but we see it comes in grey and gold as well. There was much debate over whether Apple would release both the 4.7 and 5.5 inch models today, as production issues for the larger battery were noted, but they have decided to release two sizes today. The larger device is being called the iPhone 6 Plus. The 6 is 6.9 mm thick, and the Plus is 7.1 mm.

As for pixels, the 6 is 1334 x 750, 326 pixels per inch, and the Plus is 1920 x 1080, which is 401 ppi.

The much larger screen is actually still meant to be used with one hand in a series of simple gestures being demonstrated by Phil Schiller. They are also showing landscape as the ideal format for using the device. Schiller calls these the "best phones ever made" and moves onto discussing the CPU performance--up 25 percent.

Apple is clearly pushing the Plus as a gaming device, driving home the increased speed of their operating system and resolution (granted, that is prime for gaming.)

The first demo of the day is of a game created by developer Super Evil Megacorp. (Anyone else see the irony there?) The game demoed is called "Vain Glory."

Apple finally gave their users what they want: increased battery life. Schiller tells us we are going to get 50 to 60 hours of audio play on the new devices (again, really pushing that entertainment angle here.)

A half hour in, discussions are turning a little bit towards health. They discuss the new gen activity chip with increased sensors for activity, like running, moving elevation and cycling.

Apple is also pushing Wi-Fi calling for the new devices. They already keyed up some carriers, including T Mobile as the first US carrier, and will add improved LTE support.

And price (that's what we have all been waiting for): the Phone 6 starts at $199 (with a two year contract) for 16 GB, it is $299 for 64 GB and $399 for 128 GB version. It'll go on sale September 19th. The pre-order date is September 12th and we will see iOS 8 on September 17th.

We will update this post as the live broadcast continues. 

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