Here's What We're Expecting from Today's Big Apple Event

On Tuesday, Apple will grace us with at least one, though hopefully two, new products. 

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On Tuesday, Apple will grace us with at least one, though hopefully two, major new products. Here's a rundown of everything we hope to get on Tuesday:

iPhone 6

Apple has a habit of releasing iPhones in September. The iPhone 5S was released September 10, 2013 and the 5 on September 12, 2012. The 4S was released October 14. So, we have a very, very good chance of seeing iPhone 6.

We know that it probably comes in two sizes: 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. There have been some reports of a belated release date for the larger model due to production issues with the battery, but we should at least see a 4.7-inch model.

We believe the screen will be made of sapphire-blended glass. The cost is estimated to be between $249 and $299 for the 16GB model, $349 and $399 for the 32GB and $449 and $499 for the 64GB model.


We believe that Apple will announce a wearable device, and it is very likely that it will be an iWatch (though I am still sort of pushing for the smart earbuds.) In the event the watch is launched, we can except a curved screen, iOS 8, and a way to track a variety of health signs, like heart beat, breathing, motion accuracy in sports, steps taken, etc. It should also be able to work as a home base for your other Apple devices, such as being able to pick up a phone call to your iPhone or getting a calendar alert from your iPad.

Analysts at UBS believe it will cost $300.

As for the release date, that's all over the place. Some believe October, others think the holiday season, and some analysts are even predicting that we will have to wait until 2015.

iOS 8

We got a solid preview of iOS 8 back in June at WWDC. We expect to get a more detailed rundown, a release date, and most importantly, we will actually be able to opt out of group iMessages once the new operating system is released. (Okay, maybe that is only just really important to me.)

A quick recap of iOS 8's features:

  • The camera is getting an update, as is cloud storage (though considering what has been happening with the iCloud lately, perhaps people won't be so quick to adopt that.) 
  • Notifications are getting a facelift, including more response options from directly within the notification 
  • iMessage details, which will allow you to scroll through a thread's images and opt out of group messages
  • Audio and video messages are easier and quicker to send
  • "Continuity" that allows a seamless experience going from OS to iOS devices
  • QuickType, to predict much more accurately what you are trying to write. (For example, if someone asks you to see dinner or go to a movie, predictions for a response will be "dinner" and "a movie."
  • You can install third-party keyboards
  • iTunes purchases now have to be approved for child accounts managed by parents. Up to six phones can now share purchases
  • Shazam is coming to Siri, and she's getting a bit smarter herself with the help of HomeKit 
  • HealthKit for tracking your health, and HomeKit for tracking the Internet of things.

Mobile Payment Platform

Recently, reports have been circulating about a potential mobile payment system exclusive to Apple, and based on the new iPhone's NFC (near field communication) chip. It would allow you to use your phone like a credit card, by tapping it against a sensor at the point of sale.

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