How to Download iOS 8

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Apple is set to release iOS 8 today, which they teased back at WWDC in June. iOS 8 offers a number of features Apple has seriously been lacking: parental control for iTunes purchases, notification reply options, iMessage details, and of course the much anticipated HealthKit.

Here's what you need to do to download iOS 8 (but remember, we don't know the exact time it will be released so don't worry if you don't see it on your device yet!)

1. Back Up Your Device

As always, you want to save all of your precious information before you get started with an update. While you're at it, you should clear out old photos, songs, and apps you don't use, as you will need 1 GB of free space to download the update.

2. Make Sure Your iTunes Version is Current

You always want the latest model before getting started with a download, and in some cases, your version may be too outdated to support the iOS.

3A. Download the Update via Wireless Internet

Go to Settings, then select General and Software Update. Be sure to have your phone plugged in, as not to power down while updating.

3B. Download the Update via iTunes

Plug your device into your computer. Select the device in iTunes, then select Version and Check for Update. Then, you'll need to select Download.

4. Have a Snack

This is probably going to take a while. Enjoy a Snapple or something. Maybe a cookie. Whatever you like. I'm going to have a Diet Coke.

5. Enjoy iOS 8!

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