Walmart Sets Massive Website Revamp for Early Next Year

In a website revamp focusing on the personalized online shopping process, Walmart stakes their future on what Amazon has already been doing for years. 

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Walmart has launched a full-blown website revamp, following a path created by the world's biggest online retailer, Amazon. At the center of the redesign: personalization. Walmart's new online shopping experience will work to create suggestions more tailored to the user's tastes, based on what the customer has already purchased. If you have just purchased a stroller, expect to see Walmart pushing diapers into your e-cart. 

The redesign will also take location into account, pulling weather and event information to suggest new purchases. By keeping track of the address, Walmart will be able to sell more game day gear than ever before: Boston residents will see Celtics and Patriots jerseys, whereas Miami residents will see Heat gear. 

By early 2015, Walmart hopes to have the entire website relaunched. The revamp will also include a more streamlined, one-page checkout process and a much more precise and easy to use store search feature. Their technical team will also redesign the back end of the site, allowing them to make changes in minutes instead of days. 

Walmart has already made the site easier to use from mobile devices, as more people move towards small screen e-shopping. 

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