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Everyone knows cruise ships are for tanning and boozing, the purest forms of rest and relaxation. Royal Caribbean would like to make the liquor, beer (and Shirley Temple, for our underage friends) intake process even easier, by removing conversation and eye contact from the equation.

Their newest cruise ship, the impressive Quantum of the Seas, will come equipped with a Bionic Bar. All robot bartenders, all the time. 

Bionic Bar, via Royal Caribbean. 

To order a robot-made drink, the user enters their request on a tablet. Then, the robot, which is more of a giant robotic arm than C3P0, will mix the drink. Two arms work at once on different drink orders. Then, the cocktail is delivered to the patron. Sometimes, a human will assist, but the robots will be doing most of the work. 

Royal Caribbean chairman Richard Fain told USA Today that passengers can order just about anything they want, "It's a single arm, and it will go get the ice and the mints and the lemons, and it will squeeze them and shake them. You can be quite customized. That's part of the whole concept of cruising."

"Everything is still being built," explained a Royal Caribbean representative to The Wire by phone. She mentioned that the company has been slammed with requests to get aboard the ship once it is complete and said the robots are of "special interest." The ship will sail the high seas out of New York this fall. 

via Royal Caribbean 

This won't be the only robot aboard the Quantum. There will also be robo-screens in Two70, an entertainment space. The screens will whiz around the multilevel space as part of a show. There are six all together, and then can assemble together or float completely independent of one another. 


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