Reddit Spreads, Then Spurns 'Steve Jobs Is Alive and Living in Brazil' Conspiracy Theory

Steve Jobs found hanging out with Tupac in Brazil. Or something like that. 

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Reddit exploded late last night after user "TheHorseSizedDuck" uploaded a selfie of himself with a man who looks a lot like departed Apple founder Steve Jobs. Jobs died in 2011 of cancer, but this mysterious viral photo is giving him a Tupac-style comeback.

Some Reddit users were convinced it was a conspiracy. "I am legitimately convinced that there is just an island full of "dead" celebrities out in the Pacific. You get sick of fame? You move to Dead Celebrity Island. Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, Amy Winehouse, PSH, Mitch Hedberg, you name it, are all there," wrote Redditer CaptainSnacks. Others thought that perhaps, Jobs had paid to have his head and brain transplanted to another person's body.

However, others found the selfie with a handicapped man insensitive, "When did it become okay for the handicapped to be secretly handicapped by hipster douchebags and published to the amusement of thousands of readers?," asked another user.

It seemed everyone could agree that the sense of style was all wrong — most of the comments point to the fact that Steve Jobs would be all for a black turtleneck, not this print ensemble the lookalike has on. So, for now, let's all go back to assuming that Steve Jobs is (probably) dead.

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