PlayStation Network Hackers Divert Plane Carrying the President of Sony

A hacker named "Lizard Squad" has taken responsibility for attacking PlayStation Networks and threatening an American Airlines flight carrying Sony President John Smedley.

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Sony was hit with a cyber attack over the weekend that targeted the PlayStation Network, flooding it with faux traffic. At the same time, a mysterious Twitter account, @LizardSquard, threatened an American Airlines flight that Sony President John Smedley was traveling on. @LizardSquard has since said they carried out the attack on PlayStation system.

The flight was en route from Dallas to San Diego, but landed in Phoenix instead.

After Sony was hit with a major hack back in 2011, they revamped systems to prevent such penetrating hits, and luckily little damage was done this time around. While the attack did bring down the network for some time, the hackers were unable to penetrate users' account information, such as logins, passwords or game logs. Lizard Squad also attacked World of Warcraft and Xbox Live.

Lizard Squad sent a number of tweets claiming an association with terrorist organization ISIL and the Islamic caliphate:

A video titled "Terrorists Win" was also posted by the account.

However, Smedley believes the association with ISIL is just a ruse, meant as a scare tactic by the hackers:

The FBI is now investigating the threat made against American Airlines and Smedley.

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