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Re/code's John Paczkowski believes we will see an iWatch much sooner than expected: September 9. This is the same date some speculate the iPhone 6 will be officially announced.

On the other hand, Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst with a reliable track record, noted a production issue could lead to a December iWatch launch date. However, not all analysts agree. Morgan Stanley is already banking holiday iWatch bucks, meaning they expect the device to be out well before December's shopping season. 

Even Paczkowski admits he might be off on the date. He earlier predicted an October announcement for iWatch: 

Could things change between now and September 9? That’s certainly possible — har-har — but I doubt it. 

If September 9 is the date, Apple should be signing, sealing (and delivering) invitations any day now. Apple, of course, has not offered comment on the matter. 

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